Banbury Rugby Club plan to outwalk Chinnor in Strava Challenge


Call to action for Banbury Rugby Club members in a distance challenge against Chinnor on Saturday and Sunday

Banbury Rugby Club will this weekend re-introduce a bit of competition into the lives of their Club members.   They have set up a special Strava Challenge between Banbury and Chinnor Rugby Club, which will run – or even walk – through the weekend.

Due to the pandemic it’s been a few months since club members have been able to enjoy playing rugby.   In an attempt to provide a weekend of activity Banbury have teamed up with one of their fellow Oxfordshire clubs, Chinnor, to create a challenge that can operate safely during the pandemic.

Banbury’s Head Coach Matt Goode is also Chinnor’s Head of Community.   Matt told us: “It’s a walking and running challenge – something that would emulate being on the pitch.   It doesn’t matter how [fit] you are – any ability.   We’re just going to walk as many miles as we can and then total it.”

To join in players and supporters alike simply need to download the free Strava App on their smartphone and create an Account.   After that they search for “Banbury RFC” and join all their other teammates.

The goal is very simple: to be the club which accumulates the most miles through the weekend walking or running.   The challenge is underway for 48 hours starting at midnight on Saturday morning running until 11.59pm on Sunday evening.

Matt said: “Obviously people can only do it in families or pairs because of the restrictions we have.

“We’ve got a six year old who’s definitely doing it and people 70 to 80 plus as well.  There’s a huge variation in fitness as well.   There’s a few older people who’ve not done anything in a long while, but they’ve signed up to Strava and got their walking boots on.”

The club are keen to get as many members involved as they can including players, social members, volunteers, supporters, parents, staff, siblings and friends.   Outside exercise is permitted during the current lockdown period, but Banbury Rugby Club are asking anyone joining in to ensure they comply with the current rules in place.

A trophy will be presented to the winning club.   Matt said: “Some of the older people really don’t want to lose to Chinnor.  They’ve never beaten Chinnor in some of the games they played in the 70s and 80s and Chinnor certainly won’t want to lose to Banbury.”

TGL have sponsored the whole event.   Matt hopes other clubs and even other sports may join in and challenge the rugby club.

He said: “Hopefully this has legs (excuse the pun) and other clubs want to join in.”

You can find out more on the Banbury Rugby Club website.

Listen to Matt Goode chatting to Banbury FM here:

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