Banbury mum desperate to help family after losing dad to COVID


Nicole Taylor with her father Timothy Foot, who passed away at the weekend

Woman stuck in Banbury desperate to help her family who face having to move out of house just days after losing father

A grieving Banbury mum has set up a fund-raising page for her family in Essex after her dad passed away with COVID and now the family are facing having to move out of their home due to damage caused by a roof leak.

Nicole Taylor from Bretch Hill lost her father Timothy Foot at the weekend.   Mr Foot, who lived in Walton on the Naze near Colchester, was admitted to hospital during the early hours of Tuesday morning.   It was confirmed he had COVID on Wednesday. 

Mr Foot passed away on Sunday evening.   He was 57.

Just a couple of days later a hole in the roof of the family home resulted in water getting in which has damaged the electricity supply.  Currently the house has no power upstairs and they have only managed to switch on the heating this morning.

The family are seeking help from their local Council but having to self-isolate is causing further problems.   Mr Foot’s partner, his partner’s mother and Nicole’s 12-year-old brother all live in the property.  

Nicole is particularly concerned about her brother as he has been diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder.   She says he struggles with changes to his daily life and is concerned about how he will deal with not only the loss of his dad, but also having to leave his home as well.

Stuck in Banbury, Nicole is desperate to do something to help.     She has set up a fund-raising page in the hope she can raise some money to help with the repairs.  

Nicole said: “My dad’s partner couldn’t even go and say goodbye and now she’s got this to deal with.   It’s just heart breaking to know that whilst they’re still in their grief they’re going to have to go.  

“At the moment they can take a bit of comfort, they can look at my dad’s cup, they can look at my dad’s chair.   But they’re going to have to leave all that at a time when they need it most.   And I can’t even be there for them”.

Nicole has some great memories of her father.   She said “He had this amazing sense of humour.

“He had a very successful run of doing flooring.   There wasn’t a hospital in London you could go into and my dad hadn’t laid a floor there.   He was amazing at what he did.   He could do anything.

Nicole’s fund raising page can be found here.

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