No changes to Parish Council setup in Adderbury


A community governance review was undertaken after West Adderbury residents felt the existing Parish Council did not represent them

A ten-month consultation into the organisation of Parish Council matters in Adderbury has concluded that everything should stay as it is.   The request for the change was made by members of the West Adderbury Residents Association who wanted a separate Parish Council for their part of the village and requested a community governance review.

During the first phase of the review Cherwell District Council officers wrote to 1,387 properties in Adderbury, seeking their opinions.  739 responses were received with 181 agreeing with the proposal to split the parish and 553 voting against.

Members of Cherwell’s working group then investigated the option of the Parish becoming “warded”, thereby allowing West Adderbury a fixed number of places on the existing Parish Council.    District Councillors hoped this would placate those who felt West Adderbury did not have a voice in the village.

Second consultation documents were issued with 463 responses received from across the village.   100 responses agreed with the proposals and 359 disagreed.

The working group have now prepared a report recommending that no changes are made to the organisation of the Parish Council in Adderbury.   The report says: “Following the first consultation stage it was clear that residents of Adderbury did not want a split to take place, with 553 of the 739 submitted responses disagreeing with the proposal.“

The report continues: “During the second consultation stage it was again made clear that residents of Adderbury do not wish to see a split of any description take place. Although the two wards would still work together to form Adderbury Parish Council, the view of the majority of responses to the second consultation was that Adderbury should remain an unwarded Parish Council, with 359 of the 463 submitted responses saying no to the warding proposal.”

In conclusion the report says: “The Working Group felt that given the level of opposition to the proposals consulted upon demonstrated during both consultation stages, the recommendations to full Council should be that no changes be made to the existing parish.”

The working group’s report will be considered by the full meeting of Cherwell District Council on February 22.

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