Innovative scheme by Banbury company to avoid expensive carpet cleaning bills


Pro-Clean Banbury become one of the first companies in the country to offer a carpet cleaning by subscription service

A local company has come up with an innovative way to enable people to ensure their carpets always look their best without having to worry about cleaning costs if an accident happens.   Pro-Clean in Banbury have become one of the first companies in the country to offer a carpet cleaning by subscription service.

The idea protects householders from the extra costs of additional cleaning when accidents happen.

Neil Webber from Pro-Clean said: “Normally we would come into your house and clean your carpets.   You would pay us some money and we would go away.   What we then found was a week later the people call us back because they’ve spilt a cup of coffee over the clean carpet.  At which point they have to pay again.”

Within the new carpet cleaning by subscription service, rather than paying a one off fee per visit people pay a small monthly subscription.   Pro-Clean give the carpets an initial clean and also apply a stain and durable water repellent.   After this householders can call the Pro-Clean team back at no cost if any spillages occur or stains appear.

Neil Webber added: “We’ve only found one other company in the UK that’s doing this.   Its an innovative way of keeping on top of hygiene in the house.”

Pro-Clean have remained busy during the lockdown period, but have seen a change in the type of work they have undertaken recently.   Neil said: “Domestically it has slowed down a bit because a lot of people have either been shielding or they’ve not wanted us in the house because the kids have been there off school.   Commercially we’ve been doing a lot of sanitizing and fogging [large scale disinfecting] of commercial buildings through the area – that’s certainly kept us busy.”

The staff at Pro-Clean are well versed in maximising the safety of their customers during home visits.   Neil said: “Before we get to the house all of our machinery and equipment is sanitized.   Ahead of setting off in the morning we fog the van to make sure everything is absolutely spot on.  

“We always use single use gloves and a face mask.   We sanitize any touch points as we’re going along and in a perfect world we ask the customer to be in a different room”.

In addition to carpets, Pro-Clean can also look after upholstery, sofas, chairs, curtains and hard floors.   One of the company’s more testing jobs in the commercial sector is undertaking cleaning at trauma and crime scenes.

To find out more about the carpet cleaning by subscription service call Banbury 250420 or email

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