Car linked to catalytic convertors theft found at traveller camp


Officers encountered resistance as they recovered 8 convertors at Moorfield Park unauthorised encampment

A vehicle linked to the theft of catalytic convertors in Banbury on Wednesday afternoon was located at an unauthorised traveller encampment at Moorfield Park.   Officers from Thames Valley Police were able to recover eight convertors but met with resistance from members of the travelling community at the site.

A video emerged on social media during Wednesday afternoon showing what appeared to be a male underneath a car in the Gateway Retail Park.   The message with the video said: “The scumbags in this video stole a catalytic converter off the Honda Jazz in a matter of seconds.”  

Thames Valley Police later confirmed the theft and said they had located a vehicle that had been involved in the incident at the site the travelling community had set up at Moorfield Park.   They indicated they had received some opposition to their presence.

In a statement they said: “Following a theft of Catalytic Convertors from the Gateway Retail Park earlier this afternoon we have linked a vehicle involved to the encampment at Moorfield Park, Banbury.  Officers responding have been met with resistance from those on site however we have been able to recover 8 convertors which we hope to return to their rightful owners.”

Moorfield Park is managed by Banbury Town Council.   The Police worked alongside the council and Oxfordshire County Council to issue and implement a Section 61 order, which required the travellers to leave the site.

The statement from the police said: “We recognise the concerns that such encampments can cause and look to balance our response with the impact upon the community along with the rights of the travelling community.

“A Section 61 (Criminal Justice & Public Order Act) direction to leave has been served on the travellers.”

Officers remained at Moorfield Park on Wednesday evening until the site had been vacated.

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