Contradicting survey results over proposed King’s Sutton development


Developer’s survey found a small majority in favour; Parish Council survey found a larger majority against

Two surveys into a proposed new housing development in King’s Sutton have come up with contradicting answers as to the level of support for the plans.

The developer’s own survey provided evidence of a small majority in support of the idea of new housing in the village.   The Parish Council’s survey found a larger majority against the suggestion.

Haddenham based Rectory Homes showcased their proposed development to villagers in August.   They want to submit an outline planning application to create 30 new homes off Hampton Drive on the Little Rushes estate, to the north of Blenheim Rise.

Around 100 King’s Sutton villagers attended the exhibition.   Each person was given the opportunity to provide their thoughts on the proposal.

The Parish Council were presented with the results of the survey conducted by the company.   Planning Manager Steven Kerry told the Parish Council that the majority of the 39 responses to their survey show “there is support for new housing in the village, albeit not necessarily on this site.

“However, no responses suggested any other locations [or] sites in the village that could be developed for this housing.   The vast majority of responses cited a need for affordable housing and entry level housing for first time buyers in the village, with a slightly lesser number stating a desire for a general mix of housing to be provided.”

Of the 39 responses 19 people supported the idea of new housing in the village (49%), 18 opposed the idea (46%) and 2 were undecided (5%).

King’s Sutton Parish Council felt that many villagers had missed the opportunity to respond to the Rectory Homes’ survey so organised an online poll.

The Council’s survey received 210 responses with 46 supporting the idea of a new housing development in the village (21.9%), but 164 opposing it (78.1%).

Reasons against further development in Kings Sutton included the village losing even more of its rural character, a negative impact on the environment, an increased risk of flooding, traffic problems and too much strain being put on the village school and preschool.

One person said: “The proposed development provides no benefit what-so-ever to the community and seems only to serve to benefit the landowner and developer.”

Of those supporting new development the key reasons included the need for more suitable accommodation for local young people and those who were less well-off, and ensuring the viability of the villages train station by having enough users.

One person commented: “This should not simply be a question of whether King’s Sutton needs it, but a wider question of how well served villages like King’s Sutton can contribute to regional and national housing need.”

Rectory Homes has not yet submitted an outline planning application for the development.

Reader's opinions
  1. Neil   On   27/10/2021 at 5:10 pm

    I have lived in Kings Sutton for nearly 7 years and moved from another village of similar size and layout, one thing I have noticed of most villages is that the developments are never built near the more affluent locations of village life, I wonder why?

    I have seen and read in the past of village residents that give a thumbs up to developments so long as they are not on their side of the village..very tactical.

    Kings Sutton a few years ago had a company interested in building houses in the large field off of Mill lane on the more affluent side of the village and it seemed to just dissapear, this could have supplied hundreds of houses and without the need for the extra traffic to come through the village.

    “Rectory Homes showcased their proposed development to villagers in August” , as far as I knew this was not an event to voice your opinion on if you wanted the development!! that is why the numbers are contradicting. When The Parish Council carried out their survey they named it appropriately so people knew what was being asked unlike Rectory Homes.

    Ah well it is what it is.

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