Developer defends greenfield site quoting local lack of affordable housing


Proposal in King’s Sutton includes 31 houses of which 15 would be defined as affordable

A developer has defended their decision to apply to build on open countryside outside a village’s existing boundary by highlighting similar sites elsewhere which have been granted permission on appeal, in part due to a shortfall of local affordable housing.

Haddenham based Rectory Homes wants to build 31 new houses in King’s Sutton on land off Hampton Drive on the Little Rushes estate, to the north of Blenheim Rise.

The company says 50 per cent of the proposed new homes will be affordable, and its plan includes the creation of new areas of open space, a new access road off Hampton Drive, and landscaping and all enabling works.   King’s Sutton Parish Council has been notified that Rectory Homes have submitted an Outline Planning application for their proposal.

The Parish Council asked the developer to provide a justification for building in open countryside outside the agreed village confines.   Rectory Homes replied saying: “Our site is similar to two allowed appeals in respect of the sites at Land east of Waters Lane and Land south of Thenford Road, both in Middleton Cheney, in that it is located outside of the defined settlement boundary but adjoins it and is located within a primary service village.

“Despite conflict with local planning policy given the site’s position outside of the defined settlement, the sustainability of those sites were given great weight and the benefits clearly outweighed the harm given the significant shortfall in affordable housing. On this basis, those appeals were allowed.”

The developer says their plans will include 11 two-bedroom homes which will all be affordable, 10 three-bedroom home, of which four will be affordable.   The remaining ten will all be four-bedroom houses.

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  1. Deirdre Finch   On   17/01/2022 at 3:30 pm

    It would,in my opinion be good for developers to consider homes to rent,also affordable, for elderly and young alike who struggle to find homes near their Kings Sutton families. There are very few homes existing in Kings Sutton for retired people who already live in the village but find their existing homes unsuitable for their retirement needs but who wish to remain close to family and friends.Since Council housing changed,so little now is developed in this way and only it seems private housing which does not cater for the elderly needs of existing communities.

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