Labour group at council attack MP for fracking stance


“Her commitment to toeing the government line … has led to a betrayal of the people she is elected to represent”

The Labour Group at Cherwell District Council are calling out the area’s MP for failing to back a bill in parliament to ban fracking.   Yesterday Victoria Prentis followed the party whip instruction to vote against the Labour lead motion.Earlier this week Councillors from all parties at Cherwell District Council unanimously backed a motion to declare the Cherwell District a No Fracking Zone.

In a statement the Cherwell District Council Labour said: “By siding with the government, Victoria Prentis has sent a signal to those who may want to explore Cherwell (which has been listed a potential site) that they will have her support.

“After all, if it’s good for everywhere else, which her vote suggests it is, why wouldn’t she want it in her constituency?”

In chaotic scenes in parliament on Wednesday evening the Labour motion was lost as 324 Conservatives and 2 DUP voted it down.   Mrs Prentis is recorded as being amongst them.

The Cherwell District Council Labour Group said: “She has also told the public that she thinks the Council, led by her own Party, is wrong.

“Her commitment to toeing the government line thus keeping her ministerial post has led to a betrayal of the people she is elected to represent.”

Banbury FM has contacted Mrs Prentis for a comment.

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