MP speaks out on local hotels used for asylum seekers


“While hotels do remain a key part of the system, it is absolutely essential that all those previously employed by them are supported”

Victoria Prentis has issued a statement with regards to the use of Banbury Hotels to house asylum seekers.   The MP for Banbury says that whilst it’s the law the Home Office provides accommodation for these individuals, local hotels should not use a government contract as an excuse “not to pay their staff”.

Amongst local venues, the Whately Hall Hotel on Banbury Horsefair recently cancelled all its bookings due to taking on a “government contract”, although it has not been officially confirmed what this is.  

Yesterday a number of people protested outside the hotel stating the hotel had made them redundant and disputing their severance arrangements.

Mrs Prentis said: “I know that there has been considerable discussion over the past week about the use of hotels in Banbury for asylum seekers.

“The Home Office is required by law to provide accommodation for asylum seekers who would otherwise be homeless. They have a statutory duty to make sure it is decent, safe and humane. While asylum claims from abroad are not allowed, all asylum claims lodged from within the UK are given full and careful consideration. Those awaiting a decision need to be given somewhere safe and warm to stay.

“We are all aware of the additional pressures placed on the system currently and hotels are playing an important part in this. I know that the Government is working hard to bring an end to hotel use as contingency accommodation altogether.

“While hotels do remain a key part of the system, it is absolutely essential that all those previously employed by them are supported. The former operator should not use the Home Office’s intervention as an excuse not to pay their staff. It is unacceptable that those at the Whately Hall have found themselves in this position, particularly at this time of year.

“I hope to be able to speak to Countrywide Hotels to discuss the situation with them and encourage anyone with concerns to contact me directly. I will also remain in regular contact with both the Home Office and our local authority.”

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

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  1. Caroline Cain   On   03/12/2022 at 10:41 am

    want be happy till all the tourist stop coming.all the shops in town we know have gone there isnt much to go into town for can guest what shops do all about helping people if needed but this as become a invasion and the government isnt doing s..t about fed up with the groups it makes me feel very unsafe.these guys are being put up in expensive hotels which a normal person prople couldn’t afford and heard the goverment will repair after more tax disappearing.

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