Mum praises teenagers who went out of their way to help her son


“He came in and gave me a hug …. and said that he was really happy that those boys had found him”

A Banbury mum has spoken out to thank a group of teenagers who helped her son when he became lost and distressed in Banbury town centre.   Kerri Marsland has praised the older group, who went out of their way to not only help the boy by calming him and reassuring his mum, but also by walking him home.

Kerri says she can’t express how grateful she is.

It was on Wednesday afternoon that Kerri’s twelve-year-old son decided to walk into town with his friends after school.   After a while he decided to make his own way home, leaving his friends who wanted to stay longer.

Having not lived in the area very long, as he started heading for home he became disorientated and lost his bearings in the Parson’s Street area.

A group of older teenagers, including a girl called Amy who he knew, spotted Kerri’s son in a distressed state and went to help him.   They calmed him down and reassured him.

The teenagers then retrieved Kerri’s phone number from her son’s phone and called her to say they had found him.   As Kerri’s son had used up all his phone credit one of the youngsters, Nye Blackman, used his own phone to make the call.

Kerri said: “I was assured very politely that this lad had my son with him, he was OK and they were going to walk him home”.

The group went out of their way to look after Kerri’s son.   She said: “He was quite worried about walking through Peoples Park due to the recent bad press.   These lads took that on board and took an alternative route.

“He came in and gave me a big hug.   We have a lovely relationship, myself and my son.   He walked in the door and said that he was really happy that those boys had found him.”

Kerri took to social media to post a message expressing her gratitude and highlighting the kindness demonstrated by the group of teenagers.

Kerri said: “I am so, so grateful.

“As the mother of a young lad its terrifying the bad press we have all over the news and social media.   To get a phone call from a lad who’s a couple of years older than my son that went out of their way to not only help him, calm him and reassure me, but also to walk him home from the other side of town, I can’t express my gratefulness.”

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