Oxfordshire’s hospitals in a critical condition tonight according to ITV’s UK Editor


Oxford University Hospitals Trust has asked people to ensure they use the right NHS service as hospitals are very busy 

Oxfordshire’s hospitals are this evening in a critical condition according to ITV News’ UK Editor.   Paul Brand has tweeted saying that the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford has had no space for 24 hours.  

Over recent weeks Mr Brand has been covering the crisis in the care system in the UK.   He claims the problems at the Oxford University Hospitals Trust sites tonight is partly due to a lack of care staff meaning patients are having to remain in hospital.

In his tweet Mr Brand says: “Oxfordshire hospitals are said to be in a ‘critical position’ tonight due to surging demand and an inability to discharge patients back into the community due to a shortage of care staff.

“[The] John Radcliffe hospital has had no space for 24 hours and cannot offload ambulances.

“[The] Hospital is currently in Opel 4 (highest level of alert). They say 20 people arriving per hour is usually considered bad, but they are receiving 30-40 per hour.

“There is no ITU capacity and all elective surgery has been cancelled. Situation said to be similar across the region.

“An urgent appeal has gone out to care providers to help with discharging patients. But as we reported last week, providers are at full capacity due to staff shortages. In fact, 30% are handing clients back because they can no longer care for them. All increases pressure on NHS.”

Earlier today the Oxford University Hospitals Trust issued a statement saying that their hospitals, which include the Horton General in Banbury, were very busy.   They urged people in Oxfordshire to use the right NHS service for their condition.

Sara Randall, the Trust’s Chief Operational Officer, says: “Our hospitals are still very busy.  We would urge the public to help us to help you by choosing the right NHS service because our Emergency Departments at both the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and the Horton General Hospital in Banbury are experiencing high levels of demand.

“Unless it is an emergency, please use the NHS 111 online service which offers patients quick advice on the best option for them to get the care they need, including getting a call back from a trained clinician or nurse, booking them an appointment in an Emergency Department, or providing advice on how to help them recover.

“Thank you for helping to support our staff and people who genuinely need emergency care at this challenging time.”

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  1. Rachel   On   10/09/2021 at 7:29 am

    This crisis is because many houses are being built and no facilities upgraded. The same goes for Dr appointments.ok to build if you give everything thing that goes with it an update/upgrade
    Dr appointment should be a basic requirement

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