The 378th anniversary of the Battle of Cropredy Bridge marked on Sunday


Its important to remember the role of the Battle of Cropredy Bridge in the overall outcome of the Civil War

The 378th anniversary of the Battle of Cropredy Bridge will be commemorated this weekend.   The battle was fought during the Civil War on the 29 June 1644.

Three years ago a full re-enactment took place in the fields and over the bridge.   This weekend’s event will be smaller, but marked by villagers, re-enactors from the Sealed Knot and the Battlefields Trust (who seek to better preserve, research and present the historic battlefields of England).

The battle at Cropredy was between King Charles I’s Oxford Army, for which the King was personally in command, and a Parliamentarian Army answering to the Speaker of the House of Commons, commanded by Sir Wiliam Waller.  The failure of Waller to destroy the Royalist Army was one of the key events that led to the formation of the far more professional New Model army, which eventually led to the modern British Army.

On Sunday morning a short guided walk led by Anthony Rich, a guide from the Battlefields Trust, will leave Cropredy church at 10.30am to visit some of the key parts of the battlefield and learn what took place.    

The tour will return to the church for a light lunch at 12.30pm.   This will be accompanied by period musicians and Sealed Knott re-enactors.   Included amongst them will be Daniel Williams, who portrays King Charles I.

After that a parade will stop at the grave of a veteran of the battle, before heading to the bridge for a commemoration and the laying of floral tributes.

At 4pm a commemorative evening service will be held at the church.

Verna Wass is the local organiser of the event, a church warden at St Marys, and a re-enactor herself who believes its important people understand the role the Battle of Cropredy Bridge played in the civil war.

Verna said: “Cropredy is a village that is very proud of its history.   One of the things that’s often not recognised is the importance of the Battle of Cropedy Bridge in the overall outcome of the Civil War.

“It was one of the things that provoked parliament to get its army organised.   If it weren’t for Cropredy Bridge things could have turned out very differently.

“We also want to remember the impact of that Civil War on the people of this country.”

Anyone wishing to attend the guided walk of lunch in the church is asked to ensure their place by contacting Verna by email:

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