Victoria Prentis calls for Tory party to unite following leadership campaign


Banbury’s MP says: “We must come together to address the issues we face as a nation”

Victoria Prentis says “now is the time for our party to unite” following the announcement that Liz Truss had won the Conservative Party leadership race.   Mrs Prentis, alongside the majority of Tory MPs, had backed Ms Truss’ rival Rishi Sunak during the leadership campaign.

It was announced on Wednesday that Ms Truss had received 81,326 votes from Conservative Party members.   Mr Sunak received the support of 60,399 members.

Writing on Twitter Banbury’s MP congratulated Ms Truss, who will become the UK’s third female Prime Minister when she visits the Queen in Scotland tomorrow.

Mrs Prentis said: “After what has been a rich contest with lots of sensible debate, now is the time for our party to unite. [Liz Truss] has a bold plan to tackle the cost of living. We must come together to address the issues we face as a nation.

“I wish the new Prime Minister all the very best.”

Mrs Prentis touched on Mr Sunak’s campaign, saying: “I am proud of the campaign my friend and colleague Rishi Sunak has run over the summer.”

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