Vouchers on the way to help struggling families with cost of food


Funding has been made available so all households on housing benefit can receive £100 worth of vouchers

Help with the cost of food is on the way to struggling families in north Oxfordshire in time for Christmas.   Cherwell District Council has started writing to those experiencing hardship with details of how they can access £100 worth of food vouchers.

An initial fund of £250,000 has now been topped up to £354,200 by the Council’s executive, which means that the council can now give vouchers to all 3,542 households who receive housing benefit.

The funding is provided as part of the council’s commitment to support local people who are struggling due to the cost-of-living crisis.

People don’t need to apply for the vouchers – they automatically qualify if they were in receipt of housing benefit as of October 5.   The letter will explain how to download the vouchers, which can then be used at local supermarkets.

Councillor Phil Chapman, Food Champion and Portfolio Holder for Healthy Communities, said: “Although Oxfordshire is a prosperous county Cherwell district contains some areas where people experience real hardship. We can’t ignore the fact that the pressure on their budgets will only intensify as the cost-of-living increases into winter.

“There is no need for the qualifying households to apply, but we ask people who get housing benefit to look out for an important letter from us in the post.

“I am very pleased to be taking this proactive step and hope it will make a real difference to thousands of households in time for Christmas.”

The letter will explain how to download the vouchers immediately using the HUGGG website.   For those not able to use the online system alternative arrangements can be made by calling the council.

Further advice from Cherwell on the cost-of-living crisis and local support is available here.

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  1. daniel bayley   On   14/11/2022 at 2:07 pm

    Do you want to live affordably or be 100% reliant on government for “vouchers” to get food and energy? It’s time to start demanding government addresses the cost of living rather than token gestures to look like they are doing something.

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