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Adderbury Theatre Workshop presents Pinoccho


Start: Thursday 26/01/2023
End: Saturday 28/01/2023
Location: Adderbury Institute

Adderbury Theatre Workshop is ready to entertain with Pinocchio – a brand-new pantomime for January 2023.

The year we are delighted that Gary Leonardi is back as the author of our pantomime and it will once again be directed by Jamie Cox.

Our story this year is the tale of an old woodcarver Geppetto who carves a wooden puppet named Pinocchio and wishes on a star that he might be a real boy. Pinocchio is brought to life by the blue fairy but must navigate a series of tests and dodgy characters who are set on exploiting him for their own ends. With the help of Jiminy Cricket as his conscience Pinocchio comes across challenges of temptation but will he manage to be brave and truthful and will Geppetto get the happy ending he so wants……..?

Come along to Adderbury Institute in January to find out.

The host of characters in this pantomime is played by a fantastic cast of all ages, all of whom are from Adderbury or the local community.

We cannot wait to be back on stage in January entertaining the local community with all the magic, fun and laughter you can expect from an ATW pantomime.

Tickets are available online at priced at £8 for Thursday evening and Saturday matinee and £12 for Friday and Saturday evening performances.

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