How to listen to Banbury FM

There are a number of ways you can listen to Banbury FM

On our website

Look for the Listen button.

On a computer browser it is usually at the top of the screen.   On a mobile device it will probably be at the bottom of the screen.

When you select it a new window will appear.

If this window does not appear check if you have pop-ups disabled on your browser.   If you do please allow pop-ups for Banbury FM.

Click the play button.   You can adjust the volume using the blue bar underneath Banbury FM.

Using the TuneIn App or TuneIn website

1. Download the TuneIn app to your smart phone or computer and install it.

2. Start the TuneIn app and select search. Type Banbury FM and select us from the list.

You can “favourite” Banbury FM so we are easy to find every time.

On your smart speaker

To listen to Banbury FM on a smart speaker is as easy as saying “Alexa, play Banbury FM” on Alexa and “Hey Google, play Banbury FM” on Google Home.   If you have any problems please follow the instructions on our smart speaker page.

On your iPhone

Say to your iPhone “Hey Siri – play Banbury FM”.

On an Internet (IP) Radio

If you have an Internet radio you will find Banbury FM on the list of available stations.   Simply search for Banbury FM and then add us to your presets.

If you haven’t got an internet radio then maybe now is the time to upgrade from the old days of just FM and AM.   When searching out a new radio make sure it includes “Internet Radio” (sometimes called IP Radio).   Rather than picking up a radio signals via an aerial they pick up the signal using your home WiFi.

Internet Radios are sold by John Lewis, Argos, Amazon and many more.

NB: Most Internet Radios will also include DAB coverage (which is different to Internet Radio).   As a tip, make sure the radio can receive both DAB and DAB+ signals so you are future-proofed as new stations now broadcast in DAB+.   When Banbury FM launches on DAB it is likely we will be broadcasting using DAB+.

How to listen in your car

Modern car stereo systems often have “Bluetooth” technology – often this is how you can receive smart phone calls hands free through the car’s speakers.   You may also have a USB socket integrated into the car and you can also use this to connect your smart phone to the car stereo.

Once it is connected alongside the usual FM, AM and DAB options look for another option like “AUX” or “iPod”.   When you select that you should be able to hear whatever is playing on your phone through the car stereo.

Before you start your journey connect your phone to the car using Bluetooth or a USB cable and then play Banbury FM via our website, the TuneIn radio app or by telling Siri: “Hey Siri – play Banbury FM”.   You should then hear us through your car stereo.

Please remember streaming audio using your smart phone will use some of your mobile phone’s data allowance and may result in additional charges if you exceed your allowance.

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