Listen again to some of the artists and groups we have featured.   

Tone Locked

18th December 2022

Formed after a chance meeting, Tone Locked comprises Dean, Darren and Simon. They play a mix of songs with rock, Americana and alternative influences.

The band have recorded 8 original songs and played 130 gigs in pubs, clubs, rock venues and festivals.


11th December 2022

Alex spoke to John and Michaela from Adderbury. They have formed an 80’s styled synth band called “Synthanasia”.

The duo frequently gig around Banbury. We played their cover of an 80’s synth classic.

Lake Acacia

20th November 2022

Alex spoke to Tim and Joe from local 2 piece rock band Lake Acacia.   Joe is from Chacombe and Tim from Hanwell Fields.

They let us hear one of their new songs: “I Will Never Break”.

King Panic

13th November 2022

John and Elaine from King Panic joined Alex. They band play their own compositions. John is from Bloxham and Elaine is the drum teacher at the Warriner School.

We found out how they formed the band, what music they enjoy to listen to, and how they think more bands need to be creative with their own music.

Cloud 9

23rd October 2022

Alex spoke to Amanda from Cloud 9. She told us how people are amazed their keyboardist Des can produce all the arrangements for their songs without using backing tracks.

The band recently expanded, adding more local singers.

Chris Ayres – The Otherkind

2nd October 2022

Alex spoke to Chris Ayres, the guitarist and founding member of Banbury based classic rock and blues band “The Other Kind”.

Chris explained the process he went through in 2019 to put the band together and how he found the musicians who were the best fit.

Hot Sauce Rhythm and Brass

14th August 2022

Trumpets, trombones and saxophones come together in a New Orleans-style brass band called Hot Sauce Rhythm & Brass.

We spoke to James Stevenson, the band leader and trumpet player. He told us about forming the band and how he recruits new members. As a music teacher in Banbury he shared his thoughts on the local music scene.

The Coopers

31st July 2022

We were joined by brother and sister Stevie and Jodie Cooper who are both members of the family band ‘The Coopers’.

The band was formed at Banbury Folk Club and plays folk versions of nineties and noughties hits. Keeping it in the family, they have expanded from being a duo to a fully fledged band.

Molly Karloff

26th June 2022

Alex spoke to Simon Gee – the Banbury based guitarist, singer and front man of rock power trio Molly Karloff. We found out about the origins of the band’s unusual name and played one of their songs.

China Crisis

29th May 2022

Alex was joined by Eddie Lundon from China Crisis – a band who had hits in the 80s with songs like Wishful Thinking, Black Man Ray and King In A Catholic Style.

We heard from Eddie ahead of China Crisis’ gig in Banbury on June 4.

Leigh Chambers

15th May 2022

Alex chatted to local singer / songwriter Leigh Chambers, who’s often seen performing at Lock 29 on a Saturday afternoon, and many other places in the area.

Leigh has been playing since the age of 8, performed since the age of 14 and turned professional in the last few years.

He spoke to Alex about all of his different musical projects.

The Dodgers

1st May 2022

Sophie joined us to tell us about The Dodgers.   They’re a six piece band from Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, containing three generations of one family.

Sophie and her brother Ethan are joined by their dad Paul and grandad Martin.

The Flashback Band

17th April 2022

Louise from local 80s covers band “The Flashback Band”  told Alex about the band’s love of the 1980s.


3rd April 2022

Local rapper Morrell joined Alex. He’s recently moved back to Oxfordshire after his studies took him away from the area.

Paul Henshaw

20th March 2022

Singer/songwriter Paul Henshaw joined Alex. Paul frequently plays venues in North Oxfordshire.

He’s a professional touring musician and festival favourite with a five-album discography. With his band – The Scientific Simpletons – Paul has had two Amazon chart number 1 singles and one Amazon number 1 album.

Different Wavelengths

20th February 2022

A product of the pandemic, Different Wavelengths formed during lockdown.   They’re a 5 piece rock and pop covers band who originate from Banbury and Bicester.

Matt from the band told us how exciting it was forming a new band and how after only a few rehearsals they quickly had 10 songs perfected.

Rhythm Street

6th February 2022

Alex spoke to Helen from Rhythm Street – a four piece covers and function band.

Their repertoire includes a mixture of party songs from the 60’s to now, including a variety of genres including pop, funk and rock.

Scene It All

23rd January 2022

Alex caught up with the guys from Scene It All – the energetic pop-punk Banbury trio.

Alex the lead singer and guitarist, Craig the drummer and Josh the bassist told us about their musical influences and what they thought on the music scene in  North Oxfordshire.


9th January 2022

Simon Field, Andy Bushrod and Dave Smith are BushFieldSmith.

Andy joined Alex to talk about the band’s own original music which they play at gigs in and around North Oxfordshire.


14th November 2021

Neil Parker from the SKAlectrics joined Alex to talk about Banbury’s favourite ska band.

The SKAlectrics are a 7 piece ska covers band covering the top tunes from the 2-tone & ska era.

Pete Watkins

24th October 2021

Pete Watkins is one of the area’s hardest working performers. A singer, songwriter and performer, Pete performs solo and in a number of bands.

With a huge back catalogue of song covers and his own material, Pete just loves performing and his enthusiasm comes through during the set.

Alex spoke to Pete and played one if his original songs.


10th October 2021

Brothers David and Neil from Shmoo spoke to Alex.

Born and bred in Banbury, they make music with vintage keyboards and are known for their epic music videos.

The Social Services

26th Septemvber 2021

Ahead of their gig on the 9th October at The Wine Vaults, Alex spoke to Dan Bonas, bassist and vocalist from The Social Services.

They’re a local Banbury based covers band from who say they will cover “anything and everything” from punk rock to pop.

Jack Hodgy

12th Septemvber 2021

Jack used to live just outside Bloxham and has now moved to Brackley.

He is one of the new breed of “bedroom musicians” who create their music in their own homes and then upload it to the streaming services for the world to hear.

Jack joined Alex to discuss how he makes his music and his influences.

Richard Marshall

29th August 2021

Richard is a multi instrumentalist from Oxfordshire who is a session bass player and guitarist.

Outside of playing on other people’s music he makes his own music under the name “This is Marshall”.

Alex discovered his influences,  what got him into music and played one of his original songs.


22nd August 2021

Vaultstock is a whole weekend of live local music in Banbury across the August Bank Holiday weekend.   Its taking place at The Wine Vaults in Parson’s Street.

Alex Grout spoke to manager Mattie Cummings to find out more about the big music event which features Cold Blue Daze, Stuart Layzell, The Social Services and BushFieldSmith.


15th August 2021

Alex spoke to Claire Rennie from one of Banbury’s long-standing bands – Uninvited.

Claire explained that during lockdown they weren’t able to celebrate their 20th anniversary but will do so next year.

They return to Banbury this Saturday (August 21) at the Wine Vaults in Parsons Street.

The band are on the search now for a new guitarist as their current one is moving to Manchester.

Alex with SledgehammerSledgehammer

15th August 2021

We caught up with Russ Fray from Banbury’s favourite 80s band Sledgehammer.

Russ explained that during lockdown the band have been doing online gigs and online 80s quizzes! They have a busy diary for the rest of the year including Saturday 28th August at Garth Park in Bicester.

Russ explained that they return to Banbury at the Dog and Gun in early 2022!

Stuart Layzell

25th July 2021

Banbury musician Stuart has been playing the pubs and venues of North Oxfordshire for 30 years.   He joined Alex Grout to talk about the Banbury Music Scene and how it is bouncing back post lockdown.

Ash Adams

13th June 2021

Local Oxfordshire musician and songwriter Ash Adams spoke to Alex about how he got into music and how his father inspired him to take up a music career. Ash travelled in Australia prior to lockdown and one of his songs was written in a hotel room in Queensland.   Lockdown has allowed him to focus on finishing his “Me but different EP”.

Sugar Motown

30th May 2021

Sugar Motown (Sophia Bovell) joined Alex to tell us how in her late 30s she quit her office job and started studying music. This led to her taking up singing. We found out about her about her musical influences and how much she is looking forward to performing again. Sugar Motown’s performances include covers of Motown, Soul and Disco classics.

Lee Baker

23rd May 2021

38 year old Banbury resident and rapper Lee Baker used lockdown to self-reflect and reconsider how he makes music.  It’s resulted in a new sound and a new single “My Time Is Now”.   Its a collaboration with US singer Lydia Ceaser.

Cold Blue Daze

9th May 2021

Ahead of being allowed to get out and perform live again, Banbury’s rock covers band Cold Blue Daze have been rehearsing hard so they’re ready to entertain with their versions of classic rock, new wave, indie … and even brass band music!


26th April 2021

Nika moved to Oxfordshire from  her home in St Petersburg in Russia during 2020.   Having studied the piano she now writes and performs her own songs including her current time “Hate You”.

Jenna H

11th April 2021

Having won the global Pride Stars competition late last year, Jenna has spent her time during lockdown recording new material and her debut single is out now.   Listen to Alex talk to Jenna and watch the video to her song ‘Burn’.

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