Local Election Results


The local results as we get them from Thursday’s vote

19.50 District Council

Bryn Williams will continue to serve as a conservative district councillor for Deddington.

19.30 County Council

It is being reported that Labour have issued a legal challenge on today’s County Council result for Banbury Ruscote, where incumbent Mark Cherry was ousted by conservative Jayne Strangwood. Mark Cherry subsequently beat Jayne Strangwood for the same seat in the District Council vote.

Local Democracy Reporter David Lynch has just tweeted: “I’ve been sent a statement: A spokesperson for the Returning Officer said ‘It has been brought to the attention of the Returning Officer that a possible administrative error has occurred. All relevant candidates and agents have been advised. It is now a matter for those candidates to decide what if any action they will take.'”

19.10 County Council

With all the votes now counted no one party has reached the position of having 32 seats and overall control at the County Council. The negotiations will now begin to see what alliances can be formed to work together. Could this be a deja vu moment with the Lib Dems playing king maker or taking the controlling hand in a partnership?

19.05 District Council

Long serving conservative councillor George Reynolds has been re–elected for Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton.

18.50 District Council

The Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote seat on Cherwell District District has been retained for the conservatives by newcomer Adam Nell. He received 1512 votes.

Andrew Beere continues in his role for the Labour party having been re-elected to the serve for Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown.

17.35 District Council

John Donaldson has been returned for the Conservatives to represent Banbury Hardwick.   He received 981 of the 2064 votes cast.

17.25 District Council

Labour have retained the Banbury Cross and Neithrop seat that was up for election. New councillor Matt Hodgson, won 45% of the vote.   Conservative Fiaz Ahmed received 38% of the support.   Turnout was 34%.

17.20 District Council

In a reversal of this morning’s County Council result the Banbury Ruscote ward has re-elected Labours Mark Cherry, beating the conservative’s Jayne Strangwood. Councillor Cherry received 52% of the vote. Turnout was 26.69%.

17.15 District Council

The Banbury Calthorpe and Easington ward has re-elected Kieron Mallon to Cherwell District Council.   Councillor Mallon received 56% of the vote.   Labours Alicja Kokot came second with 24% of the vote.  38.66% of the electorate in the ward voted on Thursday.

15.50 County Council

George Reynolds has retained the Wroxton and Hook Norton ward for the Conservatives with 63% of the vote. Mr Reynolds has served on the county council since 2009.

14.10 County Council

Arash Fatemian has retained the Deddington Ward for the Conservatives.

13.20 County Council

Hannah Banfield has retained the county council Banbury Grimsbury seat for the Labour Party, receiving 51% of the vote.

Kieron Mallon will return as the County Councillor representing Bloxham and Easington for the Conservative party.

13.00 County Council

Eddie Reeves has retained his Banbury Calthorpe seat on the County Council for the Conservatives. Labour’s Sean Woodcock had hoped to take the seat from him. Mr Reeves received 1,316 votes against Mr Woodcock’s 887.

12.30 County Council

Tony Ilott has retained his place on Oxfordshire County Council for The Conservative Party.   In the Banbury Hardwick ward he received 45% of the vote beating the Labour Party’s Rebecca Biegel who received 41%.  8% of the vote went to the Green’s Christopher Manley, 4% to James Hartley for the Liberal Democrats and 3% to Stephen Hartley of Reform UK.

12.15 County Council

Just outside our area in Chipping Norton the Conservatives have lost the town as Geoff Saul wins for Labour. The seat had been held by Hillary Hibbert-Biles who resigned from the Conservative party at the end of her tenure and remained as an independent councillor. Labour received 43% of the vote against the conservative candidate Maz Holland’s 41%.

11:45 County Council (note this result is being challenged – see our later 19.30 post)

Labour’s Mark Cherry has lost his seat on Oxfordshire County Council. In the first shock of the morning, as the local election votes are counted for places on the county council, Banbury’s Ruscote ward has been taken by Jayne Strangwood for the Conservatives.

Mr Cherry has been an Oxfordshire county councillor since 2013.   He was beaten by Mrs Strangwood who received 56% of the vote.   Mr Cherry received 38% and Steve Buckwell for the Liberal Democrats 6%.

Sean Woodcock, The Leader of the Labour Group on Cherwell District Council and candidate for the Calthorpe ward on the County Council has described the departure of Mr Cherry as a tragic loss.   Mr Woodcock said: “I say without any hesitation that Mark Cherry is what any good councillor should aspire to be. Hard-working, conscientious and loves the area he represented. To say this is a tragic loss is the grossest of understatements.”

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