School Starters September 2020

Primary or Infant School Time to Choose

We’ve reached an important time of year for anyone with a child who is aged between three and four years old – time to start thinking about which school they will be attending as they move into primary or infant education next September. In North Oxfordshire there will be an extra choice as Cherry Fields Primary School off the Southam Road opens its doors for the first time.

Parent or carers of children born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 (inclusive) need to apply for a primary or infant school place for their children. The application process is now open.

In Oxfordshire you can apply on line here.

In Northamptonshire you can apply on line here.

The deadline for receipt of completed school applications is 15 January 2020.

Many parents pay prospective schools a visit before making their decision. Do pre-arrange this, by contacting the school directly to set up an appointment. Details for every state-funded school in Oxfordshire can be found here and Northamptonshire here.

Many, but not all, primary and infant schools have designated areas – their catchment area. In Oxfordshire the County Council recommends you to enter your catchment school as one of your preferences. You can see details of catchment areas in Oxfordshire on the County Council list of schools page.

Remember that primary and infant school children are eligible for free home to school transport where they attend their nearest available school, if that school is over 2 miles from their home address. However, in Oxfordshire transport can also be provided where the distance to the nearest available school is less than 2 miles and the route is noted by the Council as “dangerous”. Find out more here.   If you choose a school that is further away than your nearest available school you will need to think about how you will get your child their each day.   Northamptonshire’s full transport policy is here.

Everyone who applies online by 15 January 2020 will receive an email on 16 April 2020 advising which school their child has been offered a place at.

For more details see the dedicated information pages from Oxfordshire County Council or Northamptonshire County Council.

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