Banned driver caught at the wheel 20 times in four years


Banned driver caught at the wheel 20 times in four years

A driver has been caught behind the wheel while disqualified 20 times within four years, an investigation found.

The motorist, who has not been publicly identified, was among 37,595 British drivers convicted of the offence during that period, figures obtained by the PA news agency revealed.

There were 8,025 repeat offenders, including 123 who were caught more than five times.

A senior police officer said the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) statistics, released in response to a Freedom of Information request, represent “selfish lawbreaking actions”.

They are a snapshot of the number of BA10 endorsements on driving records on November 11.

The endorsements – which last for four years from the date of the offence – are given to motorists convicted of driving while disqualified.

At least two men have been jailed this month for causing fatal incidents when they got behind the wheel despite being banned.

Liam Slade, of Newport, South Wales, was filmed driving in excess of 100mph minutes before a crash that killed two women on the M4 near Bristol in the early hours of July 17.

The 33-year-old, who had been disqualified since January due to drink-driving, was handed a prison sentence of 19 years and eight months at Bristol Crown Court on December 1.

Relatives of one of the victims, Suad Ahmed, 68, described in a statement how Slade had “affected all of our family’s hearts” and left them in “complete agony”.

Darren Jacques, 42, was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court to six years’ imprisonment on December 4 for killing a five-year-old boy.

Layton Darwood had climbed on to a trailer being towed by Jacques’ van while it was parked in Newcastle on August 25 2020.

He fell off and was crushed when Jacques, of Penrith, Cumbria, pulled away.

Jacques was halfway through a three-and-a-half-year ban for drink-driving.

Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Cox, the national lead for fatal road crashes at the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said driving is “not a right but a privilege”.

Mr Cox, who has called for the introduction of lifetime driving bans, told PA: “Disqualified drivers have already committed road crimes, endangering safety in a manner sufficient to lose their licence.

“Those individuals who continue to drive whilst disqualified brazenly ignore the punishment handed down to them, and in doing so risk the safety of themselves and others.

“These selfish lawbreaking actions can have fatal consequences, needlessly cutting lives short and causing lifelong trauma for bereaved families.

“The public understandably expects these serious offences to be recognised as such when habitual disqualified drivers are brought to justice.

“Via deterrence we can reduce danger on our roads and ultimately save lives.”

AA president Edmund King said: “Many of these serial disqualified drivers think they are outside the law.

“We need more cops in cars to target these offenders and increase the perception that they are more likely to be caught.

“Unfortunately there has been a general decline in traffic police numbers over the last decade and this needs to be reversed to keep our roads safe.”

– This is the number of BA10 endorsements on driving records as of November 11:

Number of BA10 endorsements – Number of drivers

1 – 29,570

2 – 5,630

3 – 1,588

4 – 502

5 – 182

6 – 64

7 – 25

8 – 13

9 – 11

10 – 5

12 – 2

13 – 2

20 – 1

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