Former Banbury FM presenter on coronavirus vaccine trials


Brave North Oxfordshire broadcaster and author volunteers to vaccine trials

One of Banbury FM’s original presenters is taking part in the coronavirus vaccination trials run by Oxford University.

Former children’s TV presenter Simeon Courtie was part of the team that undertook the hugely successful Banbury FM trial broadcasts in the town back in 2001 and 2002.   Simeon is one of 500 volunteers who have volunteered to test the ground breaking vaccine.

The trials officially started yesterday but Simeon will not receive his first vaccination until next Wednesday.   Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, he said, “They think it will be something along the lines of having flu, if you get the worst end.   They don’t know, as everyone is different you might just get very mild side effects, but at the very worst maybe a fever for a couple of days and some aches and pains”.

The trials are taking place at the Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research, behind the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.   Simeon has already been to a screening before being accepted on the trial and is one of 500 people taking part.

The broadcaster and author said everyone was briefed on what the scientists had done to reach the position where trials could be started.   Simeon said, “They explained the science behind it and how they have developed the vaccine up to this point.   We are the safety point of this process to see if its safe”.

Simeon, who lives here in North Oxfordshire, will get a second vaccination in a month’s time with potentially more after that.

After these trials are complete, wider trials will be undertaken using a much larger number of people in the community to see if it works.

Simeon Courtie on air with Banbury FM back in 2002

Of those taking part in these trials some will receive the new coronavirus vaccine whilst others will receive a vaccine that is usually given to teenagers to protect them against meningitis.  Participants will not know which vaccine they have received – a system known as “randomized clinical trials” to ensure test results are accurate not skewed by personal opinions or feelings.

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