£1,330 for Hospice as Adderbury woman braves the shave


Lisa publicly loses her locks to raise vital funds for the Katharine House

An Adderbury woman has raised over £1,300 for the Katharine House Hospice by having her head shaved on the village green.   Lisa Smith, of Keytes Close, was encouraged by a large group of friends and family as she braved the shave at the start of the month.

Lisa said, “During the whole of the lockdown I have been humbled by the things people have done to raise money in their communities for local and national causes, especially the likes of Captain Tom”.

As lockdown eased Lisa decided to do something to raise funds for her local hospice, the Katharine House.   She said, “They have supported a number of close friends over the years and provide such a valuable service within the Adderbury community and beyond. With their shops closed for such a long time and other fundraising events delayed or cancelled, I felt the time had come to do my bit to help provide much needed income”.

“Like most people I had not had my hair cut for the last 3 months so it was time to go drastic, shave it off and start again”!

Initially Lisa set herself a fund-raising goal of £750, but quickly smashed that target as it appeared she had picked a challenge others were interested in seeing her achieve.   She said, “I picked the head shave as I thought any form of a physical challenge – anyone who knows me would consider that easy.   So I chose something that was a bit out there and deserving of their support”.

Around 40 people turned out to see Lisa’s locks removed.   She says the new look Lisa still surprises her.   Lisa said, “It’s felt quite simply bizarre.   I keep forgetting what I look like and every time I see myself in a mirror, or my reflection in a window, I think ‘oh that’s me!’”.

To date Lisa has raised £1,330 for the Katharine House.   Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so here.

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  1. Aline Griffiths   On   09/09/2020 at 2:14 am

    I am so proud of my daughter Lisa Smith. When she told me what she was going to do, I told her I thought she was mad, as I wouldn’t dare to do it. I am so glad she choose Katharine House to benefit, as Lisa says several of our really good friends have benefited from the help that they have received in their hours-of-need.

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