Generous local companies offering free school meals


A number of local establishments are funding meals for needy children themselves as the political arguments continue

Whilst the political war continues to rage over whether free school meals should be provided during the current holidays, a number of local venues have taken matters into their own hands.   Local establishments have spoken out to social media to offer food to the children of struggling families.

The Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford has been leading the campaign to extend the voucher scheme for school holidays until Easter 2021.   A motion was proposed in Parliament by the Labour Party, but defeated last week.

Now a host of local pubs, restaurants and cafes have come forward saying that they will provide meals for the children of struggling families.

One of them, The White Horse in King’s Sutton, said, “In light of the upsetting and embarrassing  news from the government we would like to do our tiny bit to help anyone who will struggle to provide their children with meals over the half term”

“The hospitality sector has been hit hard this year but we can’t begin to imagine what those families are going through who are struggling to find food for the table.

“From Wednesday to Sunday we will be offering a free meal to any children who are in need. Please send us a message or send to anyone who needs to see this. Please don’t be embarrassed.”

 The Castle at Edgehill said, “Inspired by Marcus Rashford’s rally to end child food poverty we will be offering free meals to children in need. No child should go hungry.”

The Bell on Middleton Road in Banbury said, “We have been thoroughly touched by Marcus Rashford’s campaign to help children and having children ourselves we would never see the local children go hungry, or any child for that matter.

“We have had some lovely offers to help with this project and anyone wanting to donate we would be more than grateful so we could possibly continue to help over the Christmas period which will be a testing time for a lot of families.”

Banbury FM is aware of the following venues offering a “free school meals” service this Half Term week:

Banbury Spicy Kebabish, Broad Street, Banbury

“Following the government decision to vote against free school meals over half term we feel we would like to give something back to our local community in these uncertain times. This is to help those families who would usually receive free school meals.

“We will be providing free kids meal from our menu from 3pm till 5pm during this half term. This is a eat in only offer. As always please adhere to social distancing measures.”

The George and Dragon in Chacombe

“Monday-Friday- during half term, we are providing FREE meals for children in low income families who would usually receive FREE school meals- from our kids menu.”

The Bell, Middleton Road, Banbury

“In light of the government’s announcement regarding not funding meals for children during the school holidays myself and Tom will be opening our doors from Thursday to Sunday at 10am for any child needing breakfast.   This will consist of cereal and a pancake.   We will also be giving each child a packed lunch to take away with them.

“Children must be accompanied by an adult who will be given a cup of coffee whilst the child/children eat.  Rule of 6 still applies and the adult and children over 11 must wear a face mask on to the premises.”

The Castle at Edgehill

“Inspired by Marcus Rashford rally to end child food poverty we will be offering free meals to children in need. No child should go hungry. Please privately get in touch with Mark at office@freespiritpubs if you are struggling and we will do our best to help.”

The White Horse, King’s Sutton

“From Wednesday to Sunday we will be offering a free meal to any children who are in need. Please send us a message or send to anyone who needs to see this. Please don’t be embarrassed.  Hendrik will be cooking cottage pie using his usual high standards and quality of ingredient so you can be assured your children will be getting a nutritious and quality tea.

We may not be able to cater for everyone and are going on trust so please we ask you not to take advantage of this if you are not in need. Please send us a message via messenger and we will reply to arrange a collection time WED-SUN.”

Pavement Coffee Co in People’s Park, Banbury

“Kids eat for free @pavementcoffeeco throughout the School Holidays so no child goes hungry.  Soup, Bread and a Drink. Wednesday-Saturday 09:00-14:30, Sunday 10-14:00.”

Downtown Diner. Market Place Brackley

“The government has said no to free school meals during half term. We’d like to join the other local businesses in Brackley by offering a free takeaway lunch for any child who needs it this half term.

“If you could benefit from this please message us, your request will not be met with question or judgement, we are just happy to help where we can.”

Jennys, High Street, Brackley

“During this half term Jenny’s Brackley will help low income families who would usually receive FREE school meals by providing them with a hot children’s meal from our menu FREE of charge.  Mon-Fri – 11 am till 1pm.”

The Produce Warriors

“If you are affected by the government’s refusal of support during half term for children in and around the Banbury area and need help, please get in touch via email to and we will offer a care package of fresh and healthy produce to try and make [this] week a little easier.

“All we ask is that see we proof of inclusion in the FSM scheme so we don’t get any cheeky Herberts looking for free grub when they don’t need it (aka MPs!).”

The Atlantis Fish Bar, Grimsbury

“With the government cutting free school meals this half term we want to help.. We want to make a stand! So this week, Monday to Friday (12-2 & 4:30-6:30) we will be offering a free kids sausage and chips meals to every child that comes in with their parent. Just ask for the kids special when ordering. One meal per child.. Per day. Let’s stand together.”

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