Banbury Carpenter buys huge quantities of chocolate for needy children


Father wants to put a smile on the face of less fortunate youngsters at Christmas

A Banbury carpenter has acted to put smiles on the faces of less fortune children in our area by buying up huge quantities of chocolate and giving it all away.

Callum Reynolds decided to act after watching the TV programme DIY SOS featuring three brothers who had been left without parents after their mother passed away.  

Mr Reynolds, who lives in Hardwick with his wife and 15 month old son, said: “I realised some kids have nothing.   It wasn’t until I did this that I realised just how many people are vulnerable or less fortunate.

“My wife and I work hard to have everything we have.   [My son’s] always happy.   Seeing him always smiling – that’s because of the way he’s treated and what we’re able to provide for him.   Not every child has that opportunity to be looked after well or, to have parents that care like we do”.

Mr Reynolds donated £150 of his own money to start a Just Giving appeal.   Word spread through social media and within a week the amount donated had jumped to just under £1,300.

A number of suggestions were made as to how to spend the money but Mr Reynolds was keen to choose something that would put a smile on the face of a less fortunate child.   Initially he considered Advent Calendars, but the cost of these limited the number that could be purchased.   So Mr Reynolds chose to buy chocolate selection boxes which were priced between £1 and £2 each.

At Tesco Mr Reynolds bought all their available stock.   He said: “I had two pallets worth.   I asked if I could have more but they said there weren’t any more expected.   Then I went to Sainsbury and cleared them out.   I cleared Aldi out and just about cleared Morrison’s out”.

Mr Reynolds makes a delivery to Social Services staff

Some of the selection boxes were distributed to children via Social Services.   Each child at the Frank Wise school received one and Mr Reynolds visited youth clubs, a foodbank in Middleton Cheney, a home for mentally disabled and abused children and the Banbury Young Homelessness Project.

Mr Reynolds received a good response from recipients, who were very grateful. He is already considering next Christmas.   He said: “I’m going to try and do it bigger next year”.

You can listen to our interview with Callum Reynolds here:

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