Time to help the man who spends his life helping others


The pandemic in India has had a devasting effect on a Bretch Hill family

A Banbury man who has done so much to help our area since moving here from India is facing the devastation of losing many of his close family and friends back home as the COVID pandemic sweeps the country.   One of his neighbours is now asking Banbury to return the love to the man who has been selfless in supporting the community here.

Prabhu Natarajan, his wife Shilpa and their son moved to Bretch Hill just over a year years ago.   Soon after arriving the family began organising food parcels for struggling families, raising money for good causes and supporting others who needed help.

Whilst in this country we may be looking forward to having some of our freedoms back as virus levels fall, in India the pandemic is ravaging the country.   From his home in Banbury Prabhu has learned the awful news of the loss of his close family members and friends.   The virus has taken all his true close young friends.

Neighbour Kelly Hewitt discovered what Prabhu and his family were going through.   In India covering cremation costs, being able to afford the rent for accommodation and education costs are all proving difficult – something Prabhu would dearly like to help with.

Kelly thinks now is the time for Banbury folk to help Prabhu and Shilpa, so they can help their family and friends back in India.   A fund raising page has been set up and Kelly is hoping people will support Prabhu’s family in their hour of need.

Kelly said: “I think its really important to help Prabhu and his family at this time because he’s done so much for the community.   He’s helped so many charities and struggling families and I think its time for us to show our love and support to him and his family.

“He is going through such a tough time losing lots of family and friends in India, so if there is something we can do to help then he deserves it.”

You can make a donation here.

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