Banbury sewing centre owner takes on another shop


“Sewing has been reborn.   With shows like the Great British Sewing Bee people of all ages are being inspired to make their own, unique clothing.”  

A Banbury shop owner is expanding her business and taking on a new shop after growing the business she inherited from her mother.   Amy-Leigh Brennan-Rogers took over running the Banbury Sewing Centre following the death of her mum in January 2020.

Despite the turbulent times that followed, under Amy’s management the shop has weathered the storm.   Now she is expanding her base and has become the new owner of the Witney Sewing and Knitting Centre.

When the Witney store was put up for sale earlier this year 28-year-old Amy saw the opportunity to prove her belief that the British High Street is not dead, and that crafting would continue to grow in popularity.

Amy said: “Sewing has been reborn.   With shows like the Great British Sewing Bee people of all ages are being inspired to make their own, unique clothing.”  

If taking on her mothers’ shop was daunting, committing to a second store in a different town has been the scariest thing Amy has ever done. She believes it was the right decision for her, for the people who work in the shops, for the loyal customers, and for the town centre economies.

Amy said: “We supply products and colours that are current and in great demand with our customers. It is important to many of them that they have the chance to feel the quality of the fabric, yarn, and products they are purchasing.

“Our staff have shared the same journeys as our customers, with experience, help and advice that cannot be matched on-line.”

Amy acknowledges that times have moved on and for that reason the Witney shop, together with the Banbury store, will also offer an extensive internet service for those who prefer it.

Her focus is on providing the same quality and range customers have become used to along with new and exciting products.    Above all she is keen to ensure the physical presence of sewing and crafts on the High Street.

Amy said: “Caring, repairing, making and creating are environmentally sustainable practices, for people my age these are vitally important, I am proud that we can bring these opportunities into the heart of our towns.”

Alongside the expansion into Witney, Amy has decided to re-brand both the Banbury and Witney shops to the Cotswold Sewing Centres.

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

Reader's opinions
    • Julie Stoney   On   25/05/2021 at 6:39 pm

      Good Luck Amy. I think that’s amazing. I went on a sewing course a couple of years ago and she always recommended Witney and Banbury Sewing centre. I’ve moved from Witney to Banbury and have used both shops so well done. Sorry about your Mum, I lost my Mum same time. Take care.
      Julie xxxx

  1. Jan Lambert   On   25/05/2021 at 7:03 pm

    How wonderful, wish you good luck with your business , I used to work in original Banbury sewing machine shop late 70s, And moved it to its site now from tiny shop other side of road at the top end of Parsons street, glad to see you keeping all the crafts alive xx

  2. Jean King   On   27/05/2021 at 12:38 am

    Delighted someone is keeping the shop in Witney open. There are so few knitting and needlework shops on the high streets now. Good luck.

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