Virtual balloons launched for Hospice tomorrow


Environmentally friendly balloon race begins virtually at Westminster Abbey

There’s a chance to win £500 or an Apple iPad in a fund-raising virtual balloon race which starts tomorrow.   The Katharine House Hospice will benefit from any balloons we buy in support of them.   To date they have received around £3,500 from previous balloon races.

The race will begin at 1pm when the balloons are launched virtually from Westminster Abbey.   A week later the balloon which has travelled the furthest will be announced as the winner.

The environmentally friendly event uses a computer simulation based on actual conditions to work out the direction and distance travelled by every balloon in the race, based on its size, shape and weight.   Owners can personalise these elements for each balloon and even select its colour, the thickness of rubber used and how much helium it is filled with.

Balloons costs £3 each.   Find out more here.

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