99 percent want to see improvements to Banbury Town Centre


Generally the town’s eateries and events calendar received a thumbs up

Over 99 percent of people who took part in the Banbury Vision 2050 survey want to see improvements to the current state of the town.   Regular themes of concern raised within the responses included empty shops, negative connotations regarding the town’s appearance, car parking, and Banbury’s historic assets.

The Banbury Vision consultation took place between last November and this January and asked for people’s views on the town centre.

2,729 responses were received, with the greatest feedback from those in the 45-64 years old age bracket.  People aged under 25 made up 10 percent of the responses.    Workshops were also held, attended by 150 people from local schools, businesses, and community groups.

An initial analysis of the survey’s findings has now been published and will be used by Cherwell District Council as it seeks to create a blueprint for Banbury over coming years.

When asked if Banbury is a good place to live 24 percent agreed, 41 percent disagreed and 35 percent were unsure.   Suggestions for improvements included cheaper or free parking, less traffic, fewer vacant shops, more opportunities and incentives for small businesses and improved safety and appearance.

The top three places to visit in Banbury were named as the Light, the canal and Lock 29, followed by Spiceball Park and the Mill Arts Centre.  

There was good news for the town’s eateries with the majority in all age groups agreeing that Banbury is a town centre full of good places to eat and drink in the daytime.

Across those aged 25-64 it was felt that Banbury is a town centre with a good range of events and festivals with the Canal Festival and Food and Drink Fayre named as the most popular.   Only 16-24 year olds disagreed.

Less than one in five people felt that Banbury made the most of its historic streets and buildings; those in the historic core were highlighted as needing to be looked after better.

Common themes for those imagining the future of Banbury town centre included reduced traffic and pollution and more pedestrianisation, improved public transport and free parking.   Reduced shop rents and rates were also highlighted, alongside incentives for businesses to open in the town centre rather than on out of town retail parks.

You can see the full analysis here.

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

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  1. Rupe S   On   02/04/2024 at 1:03 pm

    not exactly rocket science is it? you wonder why they needed a survey to come up with generic answers like this

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