Banbury Fair will run for four days this year


The extra day will bring trade to town and give greater flexibility to parents with younger children

Banbury Fair will run for four days this year.   Bob Wilson Funfairs, which brings the annual fair to town, has confirmed to Banbury FM the fair has been extended to also run on the Saturday.

Historically the fair has operated from Wednesday to Friday.   Should this year’s trial of the extra day be a success it could become a regular part of the arrangement.

The organisers say the extra day will give greater flexibility for parents with children to visit the fair and will also bring many more visitors into Banbury to help the local economy.   Prices on the rides will be held at last year’s levels.

The usual Saturday market will relocate to the bottom of Banbury High Street for the day.

Emily Wilson from Bob Wilson Funfairs said: “We’ve done it so the children and mums and dads, and grandmas and granddads, can all come out.

“We’re making it a Saturday Funday with street entertainers and a lovely atmosphere.

“We’re hoping to bring more people into the town for the shops, for the restaurants, for the pubs, and to lift the town.

“It’s something that we’ve worked on for many years and this year it’s happening.   All the showmen are looking forward to being there for the Saturday and I’m sure, weather with us, it’s going be a really lovely day for the family.”

Banbury’s history includes fairs dating back a number of centuries.   These initially were held for local trade, job recruitment and recreation.   A Charter was subsequently signed which included the provision to hold an event annually on the first Thursday after Old Michaelmas Day.

This year Banbury Fair’s four-day run will begin on Wednesday October 18.

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

Reader's opinions
  1. Sue   On   13/10/2023 at 7:46 pm

    how miserable, at least it gives the children chance to enjoy it, when we were young we had the days off school, I think half term was arranged to coincide

  2. Martin Matthews   On   18/10/2023 at 6:57 pm

    Always the moaners with their pathetic views. The fair doesn’t just cater for Banbury residents but those of all the outlying villages etc so let everyone who likes the fair, enjoy it. There is enough misery in this world, if you don’t like it and it holds you up from doing what you want.. get off your Laddy backsides and go a bit earlier

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