Banbury gets poo power


Sewage sludge will be used to generate electricity at the Thorpe Lane works

If you live in the Grimsbury area of Banbury the power coming out of your electricity sockets could soon be generated using the waste you’ve flushed away in your toilet.

Thames Water has installed a new system at the Grimsbury Treatment Works which converts raw sewage into electricity, which is then fed into the grid.

The system works by taking a byproduct of the sewage treatment process called sewage sludge.   Solid material in the sludge is separated from the liquid and then treated in heated tanks, known as digesters, to kill bacteria.    By heating the sludge biomethane is produced, which can be used to power engines which are connected to electricity generators. 

Thames Water will make use of the power on site to offset the energy they need and the remainder will be fed into the grid to power homes and businesses. 

The company currently has 24 sites where biogas is produced from the sewage treatment process.    In Banbury the system is still in testing phase but should be fully operational in July.

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “We are very excited to introduce poo power as a source of energy at our Banbury sewage treatment works. The dedication of our teams to delivering this project demonstrates our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint as we continue to play a role in the future of renewable energy.” 

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