Banbury Town Council’s plans focus on saving lives and saving the planet


The council reveals its areas of focus as it strives to control costs and operate in a climate-friendly way

Life-saving defibrillators, the refurbishment of Hillview Play Area and landscaping in St Mary’s Churchyard are three of the areas Banbury Town Council will be focussing on over the next twelve months.  A simplified booking system for halls and sports facilities and alternative energy solutions for the town hall also form part of the Council’s budget for the next financial year.

Health and climate change feature prominently in the plans as the council strives to control costs and operate in a climate-friendly way.

The Council will be increasing its portion of the Council Tax by 2%, which works out at an increase of £2.49 for a Band D property to £127.05 for the year.

Defibrillators are set to be installed at the Council’s five sports grounds.   These can be used on anyone who suffers a cardiac arrest, providing treatment during the crucial period before emergency services reach the scene.

Cllr Martin Phillips, chairman of the council’s general services committee – which will oversee the installation, said: “The defibs will be attached to the pavilions at the sports fields and the move is in line with the council’s commitment to encourage people to get active and play more sport.”

He added: “We often read of people with no history of heart problems who suddenly collapse during a sports event and the defibs will help them and anyone else in the area who suffers a heart attack. They are a good investment costing just £7,500 over ten years.”

Budgetary measures to tackle climate change include the creation of municipal compost bays at Spital Farm in Grimsbury.   The compost will be used by the council in its parks and open spaces to reduce the use of herbicides. The move will cut landfill disposal and the amount of green refuse taken away in skips.

The council is also looking at alternative energy solutions at the town hall to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Other highlights of the budget include investment in tree management and a simplified booking system for halls and sports facilities.

Leader of the council Kieron Mallon said: “This is a far-reaching budget that takes into account modern-day issues and local improvements. I’m sure many residents will welcome what we have planned.”

He said: “Banbury Town Council’s share of the total council tax bill will rise this year as the council copes with the cost increases in the same way that businesses and individuals are.

“We have, by prudent planning and careful costing, limited the rise to two per cent. This means that the current figure for Band D properties will go up by £2.49 a year to £127.05.  That works out to £10.58 a month – and that is per household, not per person.

“For that, this council provides and maintains all of the town’s parks and play areas, cemeteries, sports grounds, allotments, bus shelters, dog litter bins, and organises all the free annual events.

“They include food festivals, canal weekend, Christmas lights switch-on, and music festival. Also included are the civic events – Battle of Britain Day, Armed Forces Day and Remembrance Sunday.

“This year will include a special event – a celebration of Kings Charles’ coronation on Sunday May 7.”

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