Chatty Café scheme comes to Banbury


Chatter and Natter signs will encourage people to get talking

A scheme which aims to get people talking and combat loneliness has launched in Banbury this morning.   Called The Chatty Café, people are invited to sit with others and talk, rather than on a table by themselves.

The initiative will run on Wednesday mornings at Tess’ Brilliant Bakes on Parsons Street.

The scheme was the brainchild of Alexandra Hoskyn, who founded it after a miserable day at a supermarket café with her infant son.   She noticed that no one was talking to each other, but found that by simply putting “Chatter and Natter” signs on tables it created a space for people to talk.

There are currently over 900 venues joining in with the Chatty Café scheme around the UK, including one in Brackley, but this is the first venue in Banbury.

Ruth Curtis will host Chatter and Natter at Tess’ Brilliant Bakes.  She said: “Sometimes you go into a cafe and there’ll be 3 people there, all sat at separate tables on their own, or feeling a bit fed up, maybe with a baby, and none of them are talking to each other.   They might be unhappy or they might just be bored.   

“Why don’t we all talk to each other a little bit more?   We’re human beings.   We’ve got the gift of language – let’s use it.”

The Chatty Café will run weekly on Wednesdays in Banbury between 10am and midday.   It is open to anyone, whether they are on their own, in a couple, or with a friend.   Carers are welcome with whoever they are looking after, young or old.   Chatter and Natter signs will highlight the tables where people are sitting.

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