Consultation launched into whether “admin error” should be corrected


The result of the consultation could see the mistake become official

Oxfordshire County Council has begun a consultation as to whether they should correct an error they made in legal documents over road speed limits in Adderbury.

Earlier this week we told you that the stretch of the Oxford Road through the village had been designated as having a 20mph limit in legal documents, despite the road signage showing it as having a 30mph limit.

At the time a spokesperson for the council blamed an “admin error” and said they were undertaking the process to amend the legal documents as soon as possible.

It now appears the correction process includes a full consultation on whether the error should be corrected.

The mistake was made during the drafting of legal documents following an agreement in June to lower speed limits on roads through Adderbury.   However, the A4260 and Berry Hill Road were specifically excluded, with these instead retaining their existing 30mph limits.

Now official notification has been issued highlighting that a consultation has begun as to whether the error should be corrected.

The consultation says: “We’re asking for your views on the proposal to correct an administrative error by amending the recently made 20mph speed limit order for Adderbury so as to retain the approved 30mph speed limits on the following lengths of road: A4260 Banbury Road, A4260 Oxford Road, Berry Hill Road, and Milton Road.”

Responses are invited by 5pm on Friday 13 October 2023 and a paid advertisement to promote the consultation has been placed in a local newspaper.

Oxfordshire County Council told that us unless anyone objects to the speed limit being corrected to 30mph the change will be made at the end of the consultation period on October 13.

However, Adderbury Parish Council has indicated to Banbury FM they are in favour of a 20mph on the Oxford Road and so an objection the the correction to 30mph is likely to be raised.

A decision would them be in the hands of Councillor Andrew Gant, the Cabinet Member for Highway Management, at a meeting – probably in December.

The County Council believes the legal 20mph limit on the Oxford Road in Adderbury is currently unenforceable.

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