Developer submits revised plans for fields opposite Lapsley Drive


The application has been reduced from 176 to 117 houses

A developer has submitted revised plans in a new application to build on green fields to the north of Dukes Meadow Drive in Banbury.

In June Manor Oak Homes withdrew an application to build 176 houses on farm fields north of the shops on Lapsley Drive.  The plan was pulled just days before it was due to be discussed by Cherwell District Council’s Planning Committee, where Council officers were recommending the application be refused.

The developer has now submitted a new outline application for 117 homes, 36 of which would be classed as affordable.  

They believe the Council should look favourably on the application as they estimate that Cherwell has, at best, a 4.04 year land supply.   The Council disputes this figure and reported a 5.5 year land supply figure earlier this week – above the critical 5 year measure.

The proposed site sits immediately behind a field where Cherwell District Council has already agreed to 78 homes being built.   The developer has described that as “the first phase”.  

A covering letter says the revised application seeks to address officers’ concerns and reduces the site size by 30%.   It says: “These measures alone are considered by the applicant to have entirely alleviated any potential harm caused by the proposal resulting in a scheme that is now overwhelmingly beneficial in respect of the provision of additional much needed new homes adjacent to Banbury.”

The letter says the proposals form a natural extension to Banbury and seeks to circumvent objections from people living in Hanwell, adding: “the substantial 1.35km separation distance provided as part of the Phase 1 proposal is maintained – the nearest part of the proposed developable area will be no closer to the southeasternmost dwelling of Hanwell than the first phase of development.”

The previous application received comment from 102 members of the public with the large majority against the proposal.   Bourton and Hanwell Parish Councils strongly objected to the application, with Banbury Town Council also against the plan.

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

Reader's opinions
  1. Clare watts   On   08/12/2023 at 11:57 am

    Don’t we have enough new housing to the north of Banbury? Where are the doctors, the dentists, the infrastructure and so on? Leave the north side alone. We’ve had more than enough. Protect our farmland.

  2. lee   On   08/12/2023 at 1:55 pm

    the secondary school provisioning doesn’t fulfill the needs of the current housing, this will just make things worse!

  3. Jon Cox   On   08/12/2023 at 4:02 pm

    Enough is enough…there are so many reasons for these plans to be rejected…the access on the Southam Road is going to overwhelm an already over used main road. Far too many houses being built without any thought of essential services such as drs & traffic, we can no longer continue to allow residents to absorb the pressure of living in the area, without proper facilities & amenities

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