Former Met Police Officer from Kings Sutton jailed


Gerard Kennedy committed a stalking offence earlier this year

A former Metropolitan Police officer from Kings Sutton has been jailed after being found guilty of stalking.

Fifty-three year old PC Gerard Kennedy committed the offence between February and March this year.   He had been attached to Met Operations before being suspended.

After receiving a report from the victim, police officers from Northamptonshire Police visited Kennedy’s home.   Here they found evidence which suggested he had been involved in stalking.

Following an investigation he was charged and subsequently found guilty on September 6 at Northampton Crown Court.

Last week Kennedy was back in court where he was sentenced to six years and six months in prison.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Inspector Ashleigh Houlden said: “I am really pleased that Gerard Kennedy has been jailed for such a significant period of time as it demonstrates the seriousness with which this case has been taken.

“Stalking takes over a victim’s life as they are always looking over their shoulder, always worrying about what is around the corner and where their stalker is. It’s an extremely invasive crime and I hope this result, whilst not being able to erase what happened, provides our victim with some closure.

“The seriousness of Kennedy’s crime would be enough if he were a member of the public, but to have been a serving police officer at the time makes this offence all the more distressing. He was meant to be someone whom others could trust with the worst days in their lives, and instead he chose to be the type of person he once swore to protect the public from. 

“I hope this case demonstrates how seriously Northamptonshire Police take reports of this nature and that it doesn’t matter who you are – we will work tirelessly to bring you to justice.”

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