Trip across Europe delivering aid to Ukraine


Fynn Watt will spend his 21st birthday helping refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine

A Deddington man is due to spend his 21st birthday delivering aid to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in their country.   Fynn Watt will reach his milestone birthday on the Polish border tomorrow.

Fynn and his co-driver Jonno Mullard from Barford-St-Michael set off last night.   Having crossed the channel they are now travelling across Europe and are due to arrive in Przemysl late this evening.

Their van contains essential supplies including first aid kits, baby food, sanitary products, medicines and duvets.   Amongst the items loaded are donations made at Deddington Church over the last few days and those sent to a central aid distribution centre in Milton Keynes.

Fynn has taken time off work for the trip.   After visiting a donation centre he decided he needed to do more to help.   The former Deddington primary school pupil said: “I saw people there who were giving their all – working crazy hours – absolutely tired but pushing it through none-the-less.

“They had families at home to look after, families in Ukraine they were trying to get in contact with, and I just knew I had to do more to help.”

Fynn and Jonno will join a group of international civil servants who are running a round the clock mission to deliver donations to Przemysl, which is the city closest to the Ukranian border where refugees have been crossing since the Russian invasion of their country.

Fynn said: “[When we arrive] the goods will be loaded into another van and taken across the border.   We’ll then meet up with people from a charity from Vienna and will drop those donations off.

“Then we’ll head to the Przemysl refugee centre and will pick up some people to take back to Austria, where we’ll collect more donations to return to Przemysl with.”

Alongside the physical donations Fynn collected before setting off on his trip, he has also been funding raising through a Crowd Funding page which has already smashed through a £5,000 target.

Tomorrow Fynn will reach his 21st birthday midway through his mission.   Given the situation in Ukraine he has no regrets about how he will spend the day, helping others: “I’m really glad I am – I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way”.

Listen to Fynn speaking to Banbury FM News

Update:) + If you want to do something this weekend please please turn up at your local donation point and get involved. Here’s some pages: Help Ukraine BAMK (Bedford, Aylsebury, Milton Keynes) Banbury z pomocą Ukrainie 🇺🇦 WILTSHIRE for UKRAINE UK Aid for Ukraine Oxford University Ukrainian Society DORSET for UKRAINE

Posted by Fynn Watt on Friday, March 11, 2022

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