Last orders called for now at Broughton pub


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Ever increasing energy and supplier costs have led to the decision

Last orders have been called at the only pub in Broughton – for the time being.

Paul Hawkins-Row, the landlord at the Saye and Sele Arms, and his team have decided to close the pub temporarily due to ever increasing energy and supplier costs.

He says that this, combined with the traditional downturn in business after Christmas, has led them to the decision its not even viable to open the doors at the moment.

The Saye and Sele team will now re-evaluate their business model and make a decision as to the viability of continuing to try and make the business work.

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  1. Bob Sharples   On   06/01/2023 at 6:58 am

    Such a shame , we love to eat here and always recommend you to our friends, I hope this won’t be another victim of todays economy !
    Good luck

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