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You can see the final position and a vote breakdown across the Cherwell District here

Friday 7.45pm

Here’s the overall change across the 16 wards.

The Liberal Democrats are now the largest group on the Council with 17 councillors. Labour have 13, Conservatives 11, Greens 4 and there are 3 Independents.

Here’s Conservative group leader Barry Wood.

This is Sean Woodcock, Labour group leader.

David Hingley is the leader of the Liberal Democrats, now the largest group at Cherwell District Council.

Friday 7.30pm

The final results are coming in now.

Dorothy Walker has retained Kidlington West for the Liberal Democrats with 53% of the vote.

The final result of the night is another gain by the Liberal Democrats from the Conservatives. Alisa Russell has won in Launton and Otmoor.

Friday 7.00pm

Kieron Mallon has held on to his seat for the Conservatives in Banbury Calthorpe and Easington. He is now just one of two Conservative district councillors in Banbury. There were just 21 votes separating him and Labour’s Anne Collen.

Friday 6.55pm

Its a decisive win for the Greens in Kidlington East, with Linda Ward taking the seat which had been held by the Conservative Maurice Billington. He didn’t re-stand this year. The new Oxford United stadium on land to the south of Kidlington has been a major campaigning issue for the Greens.

Friday 6.45pm

The Conservatives have held Deddington. Former Parish Council Chair in the village David Rogers woin with 44% of the vote. Labour came second with 33% and the Liberal Democrats third with just 13% of the vote. David Rogers replaces Bryn Williams who did not re-stand.

David Rogers

Friday 6.30pm

The Liberal Democrats have taken a sixth seat from the Conservatives. Fringford and Heyfords has been won by Grace Conway-Murray. The seat had been held by Patrick Clarke, who did not re-stand this year.

Grace Conway-Murray

Friday 6.20pm

George Reynolds, the Conservative who chaired the Planning Committee, has lost Cropredy and the Sibfords to Liberal Democrat Chris Brant. Mr Brant is chair of the Keep Hanwell Rural campaign.

Chris Brant

The man who has been Charman of the Council for the last couple of years, Les Sibley, has retained his seat. Councillor Sibley, who stands as an Independent candidate received 59% of the vote in Bicester West.

Les Sibley

Friday 5.55pm

The Conservatives Portfolio Holder for Finance Adam Nell has lost his seat in Adderbury, Bodicote and Bloxham. The Liberal Democrats now control all three seats in the ward with Gordon Blakeway joining Rob Pattendon and Liberal Democrat leader David Hingley.

Gordon Blakeway

Friday 5.50pm

The Conservatives have lost Banbury Hardwick to Labour. The seat which had been held by John Donaldson (who isn’t re-standing) has been taken by Kerrie Thornhill with 50% of the vote.

Friday 5.40pm

An emotional Mark Cherry has retained Banbury Ruscote for Labour with 59% of the vote. He dedicated his win to his mum, who recently passed away.

Mark Cherry

Friday 5.30pm

The third Liberal Democrat gain from the Conservatives has come in Bicester South and Ambrosden. Tory Dane Sames did not re-stand. Frank Ideh won for the Liberal Democrats receiving 50% of the vote.

Frank Ideh

Friday 5.15pm

The Liberal Democrats have taken a second seat from the Conservatives. Tory Sandy Dallimore came second to Rob Parkinson from the Liberals in Bicester East.

Rob Parkinson

Friday 5.05pm

Labour’s Matt Hodgson has held Banbury Cross and Neithrop. He received 936 votes. Banbury Town Mayor stood against him for the Conservatives and came second with 469 votes.

Matt Hodgson

Friday 4.55pm

Conservative Councillor Lynn Pratt has lost her Bicester North and Caversfield seat to Liberal Democrat John Willett.

John Willett

Friday 4.35pm

Labour have held on to Banbury and Grimsbury Hightown. Andrew Beer did not re-stand but Dom Vaitkus has replaced him receiving 45% of the vote.

Dom Vaitkus

Friday 3.30pm

The vote count for Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote is being watched by the party reps. This is the seat being defended by Conservative Finance Portfolio holder Adam Nell.

Friday 2.55pm

In our news update at 3pm we hear from the leaders of the three main political groups at Cherwell: Barry Wood (Conservatives), Sean Woodcock (Labour) and David Hingley (Liberal Democrats).

Friday 2.50pm

The majority of the candidates and their supporters have arrived at the sports centre. We are awaiting the first results.

Friday 10.30am

Counting staff have arrived at Spiceball Leisure Centre. A process to verify the contents of the ballot boxes will take place this morning. Once that is complete the votes will be counted. The first results are expected this afternoon.

Thursday 10pm

The polls have now closed. Ballot boxes will be taken to Spiceball Sports Centre overnight. On Friday morning the boxes will be opened and the contents validated. The count is then expected to begin at around lunchtime. Banbury FM will have reporters at the count to bring you the latest breaking news as it happens, here and on-air.

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