Local MPs voted against Gaza ceasefire amendment


Support for humanitarian pauses remains the official position

Local MPs Victoria Prentis and Andrea Leadsom were amongst those voting down a parliamentary amendment calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.   The Conservative politicians followed their party line – and the majority of Labour MPs – in voting against an amendment which had been proposed by the Scottish National Party.

Fifty-six Labour MPs voted in favour of a ceasefire in Gaza, rebelling against Labour Leader Keir Starmer, who is aligned with the government in calling for “humanitarian pauses” in the conflict.

The Labour Leader’s stance has led to ten Oxford City councillors quitting the party.

At the end of October a peace vigil took place in Banbury Market Place.   Organisers pulled together the multi-faith event in the wake of the situation in Israel and Gaza, asking people to think about all those affected by conflicts around the world.

At the event Banbury Town Mayor Councillor Fiaz Ahmed, who is a member of the Conservative Party, said he didn’t agree with Rishi Sunak’s stance on the matter.  

Councillor Ahmed told Banbury FM: “I have to say it as it is – Mr Rishi Sunak and the government –which I am a part of.   If I just carry on saying ‘yes, Sir, yes Sir’, it’s not good enough.  

“So I have to say that our government needs to stand up and abide by International Laws and the Geneva Convention.   That’s very, very important, abide by the law at least.”

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