Lower 20mph limits proposed for most Banbury roads


Blue denotes proposed new 20mph limits

The County Council is consulting on the proposals following road safety concerns raised “by the town”

A 20mph speed restriction could be introduced in Banbury on the Oxford Road from just past the inner relief road, through South Bar, Banbury Cross, North Bar and as far as Cope Road.   All the roads off this stretch would also be affected, apart from the Bloxham Road.

The proposal is included in Oxfordshire County Council’s latest traffic speed consultation which could lead to most streets in town having 20mph limits introduced.    The County Council’s project to introduce lower limits is being implemented across the county.

A number of the main routes are excluded from the plans, with Hennef Way and Concorde Avenue set to retain their current 50mph limit.  The Orchard Way and Woodgreen Avenue dual carriageway and other main connecting routes such as Dukes Meadow Drive and the Warwick Road remaining with a 30mph maximum.

Limits of 20mph are already in place for most of the Bretch Hill estate.

A briefing note with the consultation says that the proposals are being put forward following road safety concerns raised “by the town”.

It says: “Oxfordshire County Council wants to make our built environments safer and more attractive places to walk and cycle. To enable this, 20mph speed restrictions are being used to help promote alternative modes of transport for local travel.”

Members of the public have until 5pm on Friday December 8 to have their say on the proposals with the County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highway Management, Councillor Andrew Gant, then making the final decision.

The consultation can be found here.

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

Reader's opinions
  1. Mark Seccull   On   21/11/2023 at 2:50 pm

    The road safty issues in Banbury, will not be solved with 20mph speed limits. proper Policing to inforce the highway code, including cyclist, E scooter, pedestrian as well as irresponsible motorists, with providing cycling lane’s and barrier at busy junctions and crossing spots would solve all the road safty issues. I live on the Bretchill Estate and the 20mph speed limits and speed bumps make no difference, the real issue is irresponsible cyclists, E scooter and unregistered motorbike mostly on paths rather than on roads. I also work in a village with a 20mph limit and it as made no difference as their is no one to inforce it. In the end this is just like the highway code changes last year and small motorway that have course more accidents and loss of life than if they’d lelf motorway alone, and is just lip service to road safty at a budget!

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