Milcombe housing rejected despite warning from developer’s agent


The committee were told the developer would appeal against a refusal and seek costs

Councillors on Cherwell District Council’s Planning Committee have rejected an application to build up to 90 houses in a farm field on the edge of Milcombe.   This was despite the applicant’s agent warning they would appeal and seek costs should it be refused.

The application had been lodged by members of the Smith family, working with Neptune Land Promotion Ltd.   The site is on the southern side of the Bloxham Road, backing onto Portland Road.

The Parish Council “strongly” objected to the application noting that the village has already grown by 28 per cent in the last ten years.

Ahead of making a decision the meeting heard from Arron Twamley from Arc Planning Consultants.   He addressed the meeting on behalf of the applicants and warned Councillors they wouldn’t accept a refusal.   Mr Twamley said: “I hope you support our application this afternoon.   The alternative is to appeal the refusal and seek costs.

“This is a longer, costlier and more arduous route to secure permission.   In the appeal scenario the only winners are the lawyers when more money could be spent on public benefits and gains.   This is considered highly relevant given the substantial costs being awarded to Merton College following its appeal win at Yarnton.”

But Councillors agreed with the planning officers recommendation to reject the application as it would result in a disproportionate development and urbanisation when considered against the scale of the existing village.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Hazel Davis   On   07/06/2024 at 3:32 pm

    Quite right it should be rejected when there were many valid reasons for it to be refused. Milcombe PC have always objected to this, right from the start.

  2. Sue Upton   On   08/06/2024 at 9:26 am

    The parish, planning of fivers and planning committee were all correct to reject this application. For the agent to threaten in such a way in their response is typical of opportunist developers, whose only aim is to make their money, then run. Planning law and policy is clear and CDC have correctly applied it.

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