MP urges people to have their say on 20mph proposals for Banbury


The consultation closes tomorrow (Friday)

The consultation on introducing 20mph speed limits on many Banbury roads finishes tomorrow and Banbury’s MP is reminding people to have their say.

Should the plans go ahead restrictions could be introduced on the Oxford Road from just past the inner relief road, through South Bar, Banbury Cross, North Bar and as far as Cope Road.   All the roads off this stretch would also be affected, apart from the Bloxham Road.

Oxfordshire County Council has been rolling out 20mph limits across the county and the Banbury scheme is now being considered.

A number of the main routes are excluded from the plans, with Hennef Way and Concorde Avenue set to retain their current 50mph limit.  The Orchard Way and Woodgreen Avenue dual carriageway and other main connecting routes such as Dukes Meadow Drive and the Warwick Road would retain a 30mph maximum.

Limits of 20mph are already in place for most of the Bretch Hill estate.

MP Victoria Prentis said: “It is important that as many residents as possible respond to the consultation by … Friday’s deadline.

“Given the volume of correspondence I have previously received on this issue, I will be submitting my own response on behalf of constituents.

“If constituents would like to share their views with me ahead of the deadline, they can email me at”

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  1. K Hartwell   On   07/12/2023 at 8:06 pm

    The speed limit should stay at 30 mph unless round schools on main roads out of Banbury in school ours ,as there is already a problem with the flow of traffic in Banbury altering to 20 mph will just cause major problems with congestion. Banbury was a small market town not built for today’s flow and inter structure of traffic and new builds on every exit from Banbury . Can you imagine the main peak times of the day and school run times trying to get through Banbury centre .

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