Over 200 comments on warehouse proposals for Huscote Farm


The deadline for feedback on the application is Friday

Over 200 people so far have had their say on a re-submitted planning application to build warehouses on land at Huscote Farm, on the opposite side of the A361 to where three large units have already been constructed close to the M40 junction.   The deadline comments to be received is tomorrow (Friday).

The applicant, Greystoke CB, is proposing building “up to ten new buildings no higher than 23m” occupying up to 140,000 square metres of land.

This is the second application to be submitted for the greenfield site.   A speculative application in May 2022 was fast-tracked to appeal before Cherwell District Councillors had a chance to consider it.   Subsequently that appeal was withdrawn after the applicant failed to supply the information requested by the Planning Inspector.

Comments given on the first application will not be carried forward and so must be resubmitted to be considered for the latest one.

Wardington Parish Council has objected to the application for what is describes as “yet more unsightly warehousing”.   The Council notes it would “put yet more pressure on the already congested and air polluted Junction 11 area” and feels “the employment created will be mainly low skilled and low paid”.

Middleton Cheney Parish Council has also objected to the proposal noting there are currently existing vacant warehouses in the vicinity and so there is no immediate need for new development.

Natural England said the application could have potential significant effects on the best and most versatile agricultural land.

The plans can be viewed on Cherwell District Council’s website, where comments can also be submitted before the close of business on Friday.

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Reader's opinions
  1. Chris Lewis   On   18/01/2024 at 5:20 pm

    We do not need anymore empty warehouses in Banbury. Far better to use the land to build a new hospital that is very much needed, money can be used from the failed HS2

  2. Gledhill Roger   On   18/01/2024 at 6:18 pm

    Building on these files which are part of the floodlands in that area will severely increase the risk of flooding in the Banbury area. when will we learn that it is not climate change causing the flooding issues. It is the idiots who pass building planning applications in such areas.

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