Political campaign group heading to Banbury Market


Compass Oxfordshire want people to use strategic voting

A campaign group will be at Banbury Market tomorrow, urging people to vote strategically at the General Election in a bid to stop the Conservatives re-gaining the Banbury seat.

Compass Oxfordshire claim politics from the Tories is “a tired and mean politics that doesn’t deserve to represent our brilliant country and people any longer”.   They have been analysing voting data and polling information to decide which candidate is best placed to unseat one of the five sitting Conservative MPs in the county.

The group believes there is an anti-Conservative majority in most of the seats in the county but feels that a divided “progressive” vote could allow the Conservatives to cling on at the election.   They are therefore proposing tactical voting.

In Banbury Compass have already announced they believe Labour’s Sean Woodcock is the most likely person to beat Conservative Victoria Prentis.

The group will be at Banbury Market promoting their message between 11 and 3.

Claire Jones, from Compass Oxfordshire, said: “Despite current polling, the progressive parties have a mountain to climb and every seat counts. To secure real change, Oxfordshire’s voters must work together by voting tactically where needed, to help the best placed progressive party candidate take every seat possible.”

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