RSPCA rehomes almost 1,500 animals in Oxfordshire in a decade


In its 200th birthday year the charity aims to “create a better world for every animal”

The RSPCA has revealed that it rehomed almost 1,500 animals in Oxfordshire during the last decade.

The association marks its 200th birthday this year.

Oxfordshire is served by a team of RSPCA rescuers who save animals and investigate cruelty while also offering welfare advice and help to pet owners in need.

The county is also home to independent RSPCA branch RSPCA Oxfordshire who rehabilitate and rehome rescued animals and help animals most in need in the area. The separately registered charity raises money locally to support the animal welfare work they do.

Many will have endured horrendous suffering but with the care of dedicated staff and volunteers they will be helped to recover before they are found loving homes.

The latest available figures up to the end of 2022 show new homes were found for 1,419 animals in the county.    The RSPCA also helped pet owners in Oxfordshire by neutering 1,677 animals and microchipping another 2,062.

Across the country animal neglect and abandonment is at a three-year high.   In 2023, the RSPCA received 72,050 reports about animal abandonment and neglect.

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA inspectorate commissioner said: “We have even more animals in need of help coming into our care – but at the same time rehoming has been declining sharply, meaning thousands fewer rescue pets are being adopted and our branches and centres are full to bursting.

“We are also faced with increased bills and less donations due to the cost of living crisis which is one of the biggest challenges facing animal welfare right now – and this economic hardship is continuing into our 200th anniversary year.

“But we are determined to rise to the challenge and help animals and pet owners who need us more than ever. That’s why we’re currently asking supporters to Join the Winter Rescue by donating to help our rescue teams reach the thousands of animals who desperately need them.”

Throughout its anniversary year the RSPCA wants to inspire a one million strong movement for animals, as the charity aims to “create a better world for every animal”.

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