Scary spectacle of a headless horseman due to appear in Hook Norton


Stop him for a sweet treat if you dare!

On the scariest day of the year a headless horseman can sometimes be seen around Hook Norton.

This Halloween the spectacle is expected to appear again, with a little help from the Hook Norton Brewery Shire Horses team.

Local legend has it that the headless horseman escapes from the Brewery at 5pm on the night of Halloween, before heading around the village in search of his severed head.

Its anticipated that the scary sight will be visible at Hook Norton Butchers around ten minutes after leaving the brewery, following a route around the Bourne and Bourne Lane.   Youngsters may even spot the headless horseman by the primary school after that.

At the Sun Inn customers may think they’ve had “one too many” at 5.40pm and the apparition will be visible at the Pear Tree Inn around 6pm – an hour after leaving the brewery.

A spokesperson challenged people: “Stop him for a sweet treat if you dare”!

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

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