Town Council’s plans for Banbury over the next twelve months


Leader Councillor Kieron Mallon says: “we will strive to remain a low-cost council delivering high value”

Boosting the amount spent on litter picking in parks and play areas and upgrading the lighting and establishing a sensory walled garden in People’s Park are amongst Banbury Town Council’s plans for the next year.

The Council agreed its budget on January 9, which included a raft of proposals on how its portion of the Council Tax will be spent.

People wanting to play cricket will see extra facilities being made available, with £27,000 allocated for equipment to provide and maintain a cricket pitch and square at Hanwell Fields.

The Town Council will balance its books through a 2 percent Council Tax increase – less than the maximum 5 percent uplifts proposed by both Cherwell District and Oxfordshire County councils.   The Town Council doesn’t receive the government funding provided to district and county councils.

Council Leader Councillor Kieron Mallon said: “We have to work solely within our own council tax base without any subsidies and have once again delivered more for less with inflation at nearly 4% our rise is only 2%.”

In the town’s parks and play areas £120,000 has been allocated for additional play development and improvements, aiming to replace ageing equipment.    A further £18,000 will be spent establishing wildflower meadows in areas such as Spiceball Country Park.

Amongst Banbury Town Council’s other areas of responsibility the tennis courts at People’s Park will undergo a complete refurbishment. In response to the rising interest in women’s football £4,000 has been allocated for the refurbishment of the ladies showers at Horton View.

A full calendar of events will include the return of the Banbury Show at Spiceball Country Park.

The Council plans to continue looking at ways to become greener in 2024 and plans to manage the green waste generated from its 130 acres of parks and gardens through the creation of municipal compost bays at Spital farm. The compost will be utilised to improve the soil in Banbury Town Councils 130 public spaces. 

Councillor Mallon added: “This budget provides many improvements that will benefit the town for years to come. This is achieved by looking after the pennies and not spending what we haven’t got.

“We are a debt free council and we will strive to remain a low-cost council delivering high value. When you see what we are offering with below inflation council tax, I think we provide value for money.”

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

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  1. Emily Chesterman   On   17/01/2024 at 10:45 am

    I’m sorry so what about the pot holes in the road, or the graffiti everywhere. It’s ridiculous how much is being spent on stuff. Instead on putting the cricket pitch up Hanwell put it in town so then everyone has the chance to play

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