Town Hall turns red with Labour now controlling 19 of 23 seats


Banbury’s Mayor is one of the Conservative casualties

Banbury Town Hall has turned red with Labour now controlling 19 of the 23 seats on the Council.   The party has more than doubled its number of councillors, almost wiping out the opposition.

Town Mayor Fiaz Ahmed is amongst the Conservative casualties, as his party lost three-quarters of its councillors and control of the town council for the first time.   Just three Conservatives remain at Banbury Town Hall: Jayne Strangwood, Kieron Mallon and Ian Harwood.

The Liberal Democrat’s gained one seat, but none of the Independent challengers across the town were successful.

The Labour group will formally take control of the town council on May 14 at the Annual Meeting.  

Shaida Hussain, Labour Group leader on Banbury Town Council said: “I’m so grateful to the people of Banbury for supporting Labour. Residents were telling us that they were fed up of being taken for granted by Conservatives, who have been in power at the town council for 50 years.

“Now the hard work begins, to repay the trust the people of Banbury have placed in our party. We will do our utmost to bring new ideas to improve our town and deliver the fresh start Banbury needs.”

Sean Woodcock, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Banbury Constituency said: “Gaining control of Banbury Town Council is a historic achievement for Labour.   

“Combined with other results across the constituency, in Banbury, Chipping Norton and places like Deddington and Charlbury & Finstock where we increased our vote, it is clear that Labour is firmly established as the party that can beat the Conservatives at the upcoming General Election”

A new Town Mayor will be elected at the meeting on May 14.   Historically the Deputy Mayor has taken over, but for the last year that role has been held by Conservative Mike Bishop.   Mr Bishop was one of the casualties last week.

Following last week’s poll these are the 23 elected Councillors on Banbury Town Council:

Calthorpe North – Dom Vaitkus (Lab)
Calthorpe South – Isabel Creed (Lab), Ian Harwood (Con)
Easington North – Balbir Dhesi (Lab)
Easington South – Wendy Woodward (Lab), Kieron Mallon (Con)
Grimsbury – Andrew Beere (Lab), Shaida Hussain (Lab), Helen Mears (Lab)
Hardwick East – Kerrie Thornhill (Lab)
Hardwick West – Andrew Crichton (Lab), Chris Brant (Lib), Henry Elugwu (Lab), Jayne Strangwood (Con), James Urwick (Lab)
Neithrop North – Matt Hodgson (Lab)
Neithrop South – Chuk Okeke (Lab)
Park Road – Andrew Eaton (Lab)
Ruscote – Rebecca Biegel (Lab), Mark Cherry (Lab), Barry Richards (Lab), Sian Tohill-Martin (Lab)
Town Centre – Rebecca Clarke (Lab)

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