Trumpian style politics admission following Councillor’s “war on motorists” comment


National politics colours a debate on a local issue

The Leader of Cherwell District Council admitted he was fan of “Trumpian” style politics during an exchange at Monday’s Executive meeting.   Conservative Barry Wood said that it was a good sign when a person could still stand for high office having reached a certain age.

The comments came after Labour Councillor Sean Woodcock accused Conservative Nick Mawer of repeating “Trumpian nonsense” during a discussion.

Councillors had been considering their support for retaining a rail line crossing at Sandy Lane, between Yarnton and Kidlington.   This is a route used by local motorists, which Network Rail want to close.

Councillor Mawer opened his comments by linking to a national Conservative narrative, saying: “Apparently the war on the motorist has ended.”

He continued: “I do feel that we, as the Council, need to restate our support for the motorist, and vehicular access at Sandy Lane, and this is one of those aspects where we can support motorists basically.”

Later in the meeting Councillor Woodcock picked up on the comments.   He said: “Forget the Trumpian nonsense we’re hearing in Manchester this week, so aptly repeated by Council Mawer with his war on motorist guff.”

In response Councillor Wood said: “Personally, I’m a fan of Trumpian style politics. I feel I have a leaning that way. I think when people reach a certain age and they can still stand for high office, this is really a good sign.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak last week said he was “slamming the brakes on the war on motorists” – confirming the government would stop Council’s enforcing blanket 20mph speed limits and limiting the introduction of low-traffic neighbourhoods to where there is local consent.

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