Vandals trash decorations at train station


Staff put up the festive display for the benefit of customers

Vandals have trashed Christmas decorations which had been put up at Banbury Train Station by staff who hoped to bring festive cheer to commuters.

Overnight between Saturday and Sunday a group tore down decorations, ripped up tinsel and smashed baubles they had ripped from a Christmas tree.   Staff were left to clear up the mess on Sunday morning.

Dhanniielle McLaughlin is a Train Dispatcher at Banbury Train Station.   Bringing some festive cheer to the building was her idea.   She used social media to source people’s unwanted decorations and then collected them.

Dhanniielle said: “I spent from Sunday 12th to Thursday 16th putting up the decorations in between my other duties.   I even bought in my glue gun, string, supplies and my own decorations to make things out of the mixes off stuff kindly donated.

“I walked in this morning and was devastated.   Even the cafe express staff were upset as both of us had received nothing but positive and kind words from our passengers about how it had made their day and it was lovely to see the station looking different.”

All the damage had to be cleared up by station staff on Sunday morning and what can be repaired has been.

Dhanniielle isn’t going to let the mindless vandalism stop her.   She said: “This morning a little baby was stood with their mother playing with the tree and engrossed in it.   That’s what it’s there for – to bring people a bit of happiness.

“I just love the community spirit of Banbury and I love my station and my job so when I work so hard to create something nice and it’s ruined by people it’s just a shame really.”

Published: by Banbury FM Newsteam

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